Carla Titus

Dynamic Founder, CEO, and CFO with expertise in human capital, business development, and growth


Carla Titus is an accomplished Senior Finance Executive with more than ten years of success across the supply chain, healthcare, and technology financial industries. Leveraging extensive experience in transforming the financial health of companies, she is a valuable advisor for an organization seeking to improve its cash flow and profitability. Her broad areas of expertise include financial planning/growth, financial analysis/strategy, financial business transformations, P&L, financial consulting/mentoring, operations management, and human resources.

Throughout her executive career, Carla has held leadership positions with Wealth & Worth Within, LLC. and ClientJoy.


Founder & CEO - Wealth & Worth Within, LLC

Wealth & Worth Within, LLC

  • Advised an executive coach client on cash flow management; transformed financial situation within six months, moving from not charging receivables to a positive P&L (with reserves for quarterly tax payments and a threefold increase in salary)
  • Assisted a winery with a valuation project to buy a new branch; identified concerns to negotiate a better price
  • Worked with a photographer to build a financial process and make pricing improvements to grow profitability

2007 - 2009 - Present

CFO - ClientJoy


  • Revamped vendor supply chain over three months so that it could handle volume and scale
  • Set up operations and hired an operations manager to think strategically about process improvements

I’m Available To Advise On The Following Subjects


Financial Analysis

Financial Strategy

Business Transformation

Help startups and mid size businesses on how to improve profitability

Transform companies by educating and empowering on financial management best practices

Implement financial strategies for growth and scale while keeping margins high

Implement financial processes to manage and improve cash flow