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Former CFO ,Consultant, Business Coach, Trainer specializing in COVID-19 challenges & concerns to re-imagine finance & accounting systems, organization, procedures & controls. Creating new post COVID-19 norms based on lessons learned during COVID-19 as com - C Young Consulting LLC

Former CFO ,Consultant, Turn-around Specialist, Coach, Trainer, Expert in COVID-19 challenges to finance & accounting

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Carl Young is a former CFO of a $275M high growth technology based company that grew from $10M during his tenure. He occupied increasingly responsible positions of Chief Accountant & Controller. He is an accomplished Senior Executive and Consultant with more than 30 years of success across the technology, consulting, energy, and financial services industries leveraging extensive experience leading to financial oversight. He is a valuable adviser for an organization developing finance & accounting systems,processes, procedures & controls. He is skilled at training finance & accounting to non-financial professionals with tools, techniques , methods & models easy to understand and apply. His vast experience provides him an excellent knowledge base for executive coaching programs. His broad areas of expertise include identifying challenges and providing actionable solutions, in-house training, finance, and accounting. Throughout his executive career, Carl has held leadership positions with CCH Computax, Perot Systems & CYoungConsulting LLC. He is an expert and experienced in distance learning offering finance webinars for groups under his brand of Finance & Accounting Made Simple. Webinars offered : Making of Financial Statements Simplified; Understanding Financial Statements Simplified; Understanding Financial Ratios Simplified; Finance & Accounting 101 Simplified; New Ways to Plan & Budget SImplified: Controller Challenges in Changing Times; Payroll Rules & Administration Simplified-Includes implementation & impact of new DOL overtime rules effective January 2020; Small Business Management Simplified; Accounts Payables in a Paperless Environment; Accounts Payables Internal Controls in a Paperless Environment ;Controlling Costs & Cash in Real Time.


May 1995 - June 2002

Chief Financial Associate - Perot Systems Corporation - Perot Systems Corporation

  • Established the financial framework at Catholic Healthcare West (CHW) becoming the IT outsourcing provider with a total contract value of $750M consisting of 49 separate hospitals, seven operating divisions, and 120 separate cost centers
  • Directed start-up and set-up of the entire financial framework including planning, forecasting, budgeting, processes, procedures, accounting and management systems, and reporting
  • Led budgeting, forecasting, financial records and reporting, financial analysis, invoicing, monitoring of receivables, and coordination of finance activities with account managers
  • Conducted numerous training sessions for over 1500 corporate service employees in customer services and business planning

September 1973 - June 1992

Chief Financial Officer/Treasurer CCH Computax Inc - CCH Computax Inc

  • Held increasing levels of responsibility starting with Chief Accountant & progressing promotions to VP/CFO & Treasurer
  • Built Finance & Administrative Organization to support the Company's high growth and revenue expansion from $10 Million to $275 Million
  • Designed & implemented a planning forecasting, budgeting and accounting model to enable the enterprise to successfully function in multiple and geographically disbursed profit and cost center environment
  • Designed & developed an Administrative & Management System (AMS) including nine interrelated modules for product ordering delivery, inventory control, billing, budgeting & accounting, collections & associated processes
  • Designed & implemented a real time Financial Information Management System (FIMS) to reflect current foretasted and actual financial & production information & business drivers and success indicators

June 1985 -

Former CFO, Consultant, Coach , Trainer C YoungConsulting LLC - CYoungConsulting LLC

  • Consultant & Business Coach, Expert in simplifying & designing finance & accounting systems, policies, processes, procedures, internal controls & organizations.
  • Turnaround consultant specializing in restoring organizations of productivity & Profits
  • Expert Speaker & Training on Company specified training needs
  • Developed series of Webinars Worth Watching specifically designed for non-financial professionals & refresher for financial professionalsFinance & Accounting 101 SimplifiedMaking of Financial Statements SimplifiedUnderstanding Financial Statements SimplifiedUnderstanding Financial Ratios Simplif

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