Brian Weiner

World-Class Senior Executive/Entrepreneur: marketing, augmented reality and building brand/consumer fan relationships.


Brian Weiner is an accomplished Senior Executive and Thought Leader with more than 40 years of success across the advertising, interactive media entertainment, entertainment, virtual reality, gaming/gambling, and motion pictures and film industries. Leveraging extensive experience producing and marketing high-quality franchise-oriented entertainment properties, he is a valuable advisor for an organization establishing production, distribution, or media promotion with a core focus on virtual and augmented reality. His broad areas of expertise include digital marketing, entrepreneurship, global strategy, market share development, and global business development.

Throughout his executive career, Brian has held leadership positions with Sizzle Network, IllusionQuest Studios, The Illusion Factory, and NxtGenTV.

2017 - Present

Founder and CEO - Sizzle, Inc.

Sizzle, Inc.

  • Sizzle is a “sticky suite” of consumer-facing technologies residing atop tectonic capacities for loyalty-generation, transactions, data studies and digital consumer-traffic management.
  • Entirely self-funded and owned by The Illusion Factory.
  • Platform is available to selected high quality brands, organizations, corporations and institutions as both SAAS as well as Soft ware for insertion into apps on a white label or fully branded basis.
  • Augmented Reality systems capable of handling hundreds of millions of unique experiences concurrently.
  • Global Transmedia Network that makes everywhere and everything interactive, transactional, informational and entertaining.

2014 - Present

CEO - IllusionQuest Studios

IllusionQuest Studios

  • Created Augmented Reality Television.
  • Created Augmented Reality network.
  • Developed virtual casinos for air travel and yacht/cruise ship use.
  • Developed virtual reality and augmented reality games and experiences.

1979 - Present

Founder and CEO - The Illusion Factory

The Illusion Factory

  • Entrusted with the promotion and marketing of over $7 Billion in filmed, broadcast, live, gaming and online entertainment.
  • Built hundreds of unique entertainment and financial technology applications for the major studios and broadcasters.
  • Awarded more than 265 of the top creative and technical awards.
  • Created Sizzle, the world's first new platform that converts the entire world into a new network interactive experience in which everywhere and everything is interactive and transactional.
  • Promoted many of the top television franchise brands worldwide for decades.

I’m Available To Advise On The Following Subjects


Digital Marketing

Business Development

Global Strategy

Input and advice on a key project

Serve as a sounding board and second opinion on a key decision

Global Marketing And Advertising In Sizzle Network

Input and advice on a key project