Brian Banmiller

Executive Producer & Editor - Banmiller on Business , CBS News Radio


Advisor Biography

Brian Banmiller is an accomplished Senior Executive and thought-leader with demonstrated success across the broadcast media, journalism, news, and television industries. Leveraging extensive experience in public relations and crisis management, he is a valuable asset for companies experiencing negative media attention on undergoing a rebranding/transformation. His broad areas of expertise include communications, media awareness, global business, and media relations strategy.

Throughout his career, Brian has held various leadership positions with organizations, including the United States Air Force, KTVU – Fox, The Banmiller Company, and Independent Speaker. In 1982, he received a job with CBS News, where he currently serves as a Business News Reporter reaching an average audience of 4 million listeners.  Brian has had tremendous success over the years and has served as a critical contributor to numerous organizational achievements.

Brain is the executive producer and anchor of “Banmiller on Business,” one of the first syndicated business shows in cable TV history, which reached more than 80 cities. Throughout his tenure with CBS News, Brian has interviewed thousands of the best-known CEOs, politicians, and other dynamic leaders worldwide, which has helped him gain more knowledge in business that he has been able to apply to his show. In addition to his news segments, he has significant experience in producing network TV programs overseas in countries such as Russia, Germany, England, Northern Ireland, the Philippines, Hong Kong, and Korea.

Brian received his Bachelor of Business Administration and Management from Villanova University. He frequently attends professional development opportunities in an effort to add to his industry knowledge. Brian also has a deep understanding of the roles and responsibilities of a board member having worked alongside and interviewed hundreds of board members throughout his career.  


1981 - Present

President - The Banmiller Company - The Banmiller Company

1989 - 2005

Business News Anchor/Reporter - KTVU Channel 2 (Fox) - KTVU Channel 2 (Fox)

1966 - 1971

Captain - United States Air Force - United States Air Force

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Crisis Communications

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