Bill Barlow

Chairman and CEO - Canavation Product Group

Voted CEO of the year 2020 by CEO Monthly Magazine

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Bill Barlow is a highly accomplished Corporate Leader, Strategic Branding Executive, Entrepreneur, and Consultant with more than 25 years of success in strategic planning, consumer products, branding, technology, marketing, and advertising. He has leveraged his extensive experience to launch and successfully expand create marketing campaigns for multiple businesses. Bill is a valuable asset for mid-size and larger marketing, branding, consumer products, and technology companies seeking expert assistance with global expansion, product launch opportunities, breaking out of a stagnant approach, problem-solving, or developing software that will talk to consumers in radically new ways. His key areas of expertise include corporate strategy, branding, public relations, advertising, international experience, B2C, consumer products, and go-to-market strategy. Bill has sold products in every country in the world that has a television. He is also one of a handful of specialists to have physically visited every 24/hour live TV shopping channel around the globe.

Bill is CEO and Chairman of Canavation Product Group, a consumer product company with worldwide distribution that leverages cannabinoids like CBD, CBG and others to create a full suite of wellness solutions.

Bill is a cofounder and board member of CRUSH 2.0 a full-service franchise marketing company with a core focus on social and digital marketing strategies, serving corporate brands and nationwide franchises, and product owners.  Bill is a founding member of RegimenMD, a unique enterprise system that connects skincare specialists, patients, and cosmeceutical product manufacturers. Bill designed the entire software architecture framework on which the company operates. In 2012 he was the executive director of Pitch TV in the UK until the network was sold.

Throughout his career, Bill’s methods have generated over $8B in consumer retail sales through numerous high-profile international campaigns. His milestones include Body Flex inch loss, which sold $9M in 2 years; Kathy Smith Air Tech Glider which sold $12M in 8 months; and True Sleeper memory foam mattress topper, that has sold over $2.5B from a startup to 2018. He also co-developed and marketed 20 new kitchen and other appliances for the Westinghouse brand. His technology credits include co-developing a novel patent (pending) in television broadcast technology that allows product owners to present their products live from any country to another country throughout the world. 

He holds a BS, Communications degree including Tel-education courses to support his career, and expanded his education in Advertising and Marketing, Business, Management, Marketing, and Related Support Services from the California University of Pennsylvania.

Bill’s volunteer experience includes working with youth and mentoring serious-minded youth seeking guidance in learning the advertising, marketing, public relations and product development space. 


2019 - Present

CEO & Chairman - Canavation Product Group

  • International Branding
  • Product Development
  • Acquisitions and Mergers

2016 - 2019

President / Chief Creative Officer - CRUSH 2.0 - CRUSH 2.0

January 2012 -

President - Famous Discoveries - Famous Discoveries

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