Albert Baetens



Albert Baetens is an accomplished Senior Executive and Board Member with more than 30 years of success in aviation, specifically VFR helicopter utility supporting international mining, oil and gas, forestry, and foreign governments. Leveraging extensive experience in quality assurance, measuring operations and standards, and understanding board responsibilities, he is a valuable advisor for an organization going through a dramatic change in operations, undergoing a merger/acquisition, or developing new policies/procedures. His broad areas of expertise include entrepreneurship, global operations, organizational leadership, risk management, change management, flight operations quality control, governance, safety management systems, and regulatory compliance.

Throughout his executive career, Albert has held leadership positions with Universal Helicopters Newfoundland and Labrador LP, Great Slave Helicopters, VIH Helicopters, Peace Helicopters, CHC Helicopter, and South Pacific Aviation Management.

2017 - September 2019

Manager Safety and Quality - Universal Helicopters Newfoundland and Labrador LP

Universal Helicopters Newfoundland and Labrador LP

  • Meet with the Board quarterly
  • Successfully purchased a helicopter company to expand into the oil and gas industry
  • Served as part of the due diligence team during the merger with a US helicopter company
  • Work with three business units in developing and implementing the company's SMS

2011 - 2016

Flight Operations Quality Assurance Manager - Great Slave Helicopters

Great Slave Helicopters

  • Defined industry best practices for quality and safety control, setting the standard for the aviation industry
  • Co-created the company SMS Canada/Peru
  • Created the field level compliance audit tool
  • Provided management training for helicopter safety in mining exploration
  • Served as a trained accident/incident investigator and published expert in the field

2006 - 2011

Assistant Operations Manager/Pilot - VIH Helicopters Ltd

VIH Helicopters Ltd

  • Project Management, large multi aircraft oil and gas seismic exploration.
  • FAA liaison, NAFTA Ops.

January 1997 - December 1997

Partner/Treasurer - South Pacific Aviation Management

South Pacific Aviation Management

  • Teamed with a legal group to purchase Islands Nationair to provide seed money of over $25M in loan guarantees
  • Negotiated with the Board and the National Carrier's Union - ultimately stepped away to forfeit the bid
  • Drafted a constitution which governed the Board of Directors, and acted as the Board Treasurer

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