Adam \A.J.\"" Clinkenbeard

Brightside Advisers Ltd. - Owner & CEO - Brightside Advisers Ltd.


Advisor Biography

Adam "A.J." Clinkenbeard is an accomplished Senior Executive, Consultant, Thought Leader, and Board Member with more than 20 years of success across the luxury goods, retail, and health and beauty industries. Leveraging extensive experience improving sales functions to drive revenue, he is a valuable advisor for an organization requiring turnaround planning or looking to expand. His broad areas of expertise include sales, talent acquisition, talent development, client retention, and culture change.   Throughout his executive career, Adam has held leadership positions with Brightside Advisers Ltd., Hair Club, and Helzberg Diamonds.



Owner & CEO - Brightside Advisers Ltd. - Brightside Advisers Ltd.

  • Works with clients to address stalled and underperforming front-end sales, innovate ineffective sales processes, improve executive leadership skills and develop talent acquisition strategies that attract and retain top talent

2017 - 2017

Regional VP Sales & Operations - Western U.S. - Hair Club

  • Increased sales revenue by $705K (2.2% increase YOY) by developing and implementing a region-wide sales coaching initiative (rest of company was down 3.3% YOY).
  • Grew recurring revenue by $1.41 million by refocusing management team on client-centric activities resulting in & increased client retention from 87.4% to 89.8%.

- 2018

Director of Education & Employee Experience - Hair Club

  • Increased new sales by $845K (9% increase) and redefined the sales process
  • Led consultant training, created multimedia presentations, hosted live virtual training classes, and utilized an intensive follow-up model
  • Reduced costs by 22% YTD (15% target) and eliminated redundant training classes

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