What is your process for making key decisions?

Melissa Ortiz

CEO/Activate Human Capital Group - AdvisoryCloudTM

I'm a data gal. But I almost always go with my gut... once I've seen and evaluated the relevant information/metrics. My approach to making key decisions is developing data-driven "roadmaps" for myself and clients that prioritize high-value actions.

This approach speaks to my most sacred personal value - I absolutely hate waste. Wasted time, energy, and resources are unacceptable in my world.  Minimizing waste is one way I show clients I respect and value them. It's my approach to efficiency, achievement, and making a positive impact on my little corner of the world. 

That's probably why the realm of Talent Optimization appeals to me so directly. When we get the right people in the right seats on a bus that's going to a meaningful and compelling place, we've made the very best use of our resources. We've positioned our organizations to crush our goals and also helped our team members put their natural talents and aptitudes to work in a way that feels good to them.

Interested in validated data that helps you unlock your own data-driven roadmap? Visit our website: www.activatehcg.com or contact me directly [email protected]