What is a significant trend in your area of expertise that will have a major impact in the next 1-2 years?

Allen Jones

CEO & Founder of T&A Investor Group LLC - President and Principle Broker of Allen Jones Insurance Agency/Allen Jones Insurance Agency and T & A Investor Group, LLC - AdvisoryCloudTM

What I believe agents and consumers will start to see over the next few years, are less captive agencies and agents.    Most good agents and their customers know the game by now.... almost all A-rated insurance carriers are pretty much the same from the comsumer standpoint, they all start your premiums low to get you in the door, then do rate increases every renewal.  All carriers have good and bad reviews and insurance agents are starting to understand that keeping their customer's insurance program in new business rates, instead of staying with the same carrier who will keep raising rates and screwing you the longer you stay, is what is best for their customers.  Insurance agents and their customers no longer are drinking the Kool-Aid of one company.