What are some suggestions for maintaining business continuity during the COVID-19 crisis?

Kevin Small

President & Founder/BGA Media Group, Inc - AdvisoryCloudTM

From an eCommerce perspective, this is a transformative moment. I have several clients who are certainly feeling the pinch and I have other clients that are seeing explosive growth. Here are some recommendations for eCommerce / DTC businesses:

1. Be aggressive: Dial up spends on high-intent channels (paid search, Google Shopping, retargeting, etc). Consumers are looking right now for deals. Don't worry about the perception of your brand w/r/t offers... create a compelling offer that will resonate with your customer base. Focus on positive messaging and finding the right tone. 

2. Invest: If there ever was a time to invest in long term, now's the time. Invest in things like SEO and CRO. While you won't see an immediate return, when we all come out of this, you will emerge stronger than you ever were.

3. Be Positive: We are all struggling to balance work-from-remote lifestyles with family/children, however its important to remember to keep what has always been private things from your employer or client, still private. Your focus now should be making money to help to support your family.