What are some suggestions for maintaining business continuity during the COVID-19 crisis?

Miodrag Perin

Bertelsmann AG/Vice President Corporate Human Resources Strategy & Systems - AdvisoryCloudTM

There are three types of organizations right now trying to manage during this crisis:

  1. Purely digital, no physical office, teams work remote from their preferred locations - biggest change is sales and turnover, but work and how to work remains the same
  2. Semi-digital, physical companies with traditional offices, with normal work from home policies and reasonable IT equipment.  
  3. Non-digital, companies that have limited or dated technical infrastructure to deal with business continuity successfully.

The Semi-digital companies have the greates opportunity to "get this right" - now is the time to gather as much real knowlede about what is working and why, what isnt working and why, and what is missing.  Most employees are reporting working more than ever, with no chance to catch a coffee break or even grab lunch because the work from home has forced back to back meetings and calls.  The smart organizations will harness this knowledge and cross the bridge into being able to shift to a "purely-digital-capable" organization and offer this to the employees in the short and midterm, maybe even indefinintely until there are safety mesasures in place for the workforce to start coming back into the office, if that ever happens again.