Top Strategy Book

Adrian King

Snr Technology Program Manager/Pearson Publishing (via TEKsystems) - AdvisoryCloudTM

Of all the books on Strategy that are available and recommended, there is one that I come back to time and time again.

Don't get me wrong, I think that approaches and frameworks such as Porter's Competitive Strategy, and Playing to Win by Lafley are essential. They provide us with the tools and techniques that will help us to expand, articulate, communicate and improve the strategy.

With that said, I think that Richard Rumelt's Good Strategy, Bad Strategy is the most important book of all. Having developed many strategies on numerous leadership teams, I have often been left feeling as though something was missing. What was missing is what I see missing in the 'strategies' of many major corporations today - a 'true' strategy. A true strategy is what you are going to do to leverage your organization's capabilities, market position and products in a way that no other competitor can do. Your strategy will articulate how this positions you uniquely against your competitors and enables you to gain real competitive advantage. It takes time and is not easy, but when you see the difference compared to the normal 'cookie cutter' strategy, you will have that 'Aha!' moment.

Rumelt does say that real strategy is not easy. It is challenging, difficult, and can be time consuming. Ultimately though, if you develop a strategy worthy of the name, you will feel that it was time well spent!

For more information, check out Goodreads: Good Strategy, Bad Strategy (

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