Should I hire a coach?  FAQ/Decision Tree

Shawna Corden

Executive Coach/Shawna Corden Coaching - AdvisoryCloudTM

Q:  Do you have a goal you'd like to achieve?

A: If you have a goal you’d like to achieve, such as: getting in shape, having more influence at work, being a more supportive partner, finding an ideal mate etc.  a coach can be an excellent partner in helping you define what that means for you and setting strategies and goals to achieve that overall goal.

I specialize in helping people bring a coaching culture to their workplace, or creating an internal coaching program - but my clients often have more than one goal.

Q: Could you use a partner to support you and make you accountable?

A: We could all use a little support and accountability.  A coach is wholly committed to YOUR goals, without an agenda and their job is to help you achieve your desires.  When my clients show up to sessions without having completed their commitments, we dive into why, and if necessary, come up with a new plan.

Q: Are you comfortable with someone asking questions but not giving advice?

A: This is the main distinction between coaching and mentoring/advising/consulting.  The coach is not a subject matter expert (although they may have expertise in the area) Their job is to be an expert in the coaching conversation and you and your goals, values, motivators etc.  They tap into your own wisdom by asking the great questions that make you think and create your own awareness.

Q: Are you prepared for some direct communication in your best interest?

A: In the quest for your goal, you might have to hear some ‘tough love’ in the form of observed actions you are taking that are sabotaging your own success.  A coach’s job is to see you and all your potential.  They are not weighed down by the limiting beliefs that you’ve been carrying around.  If they see these actions- they will be named. 

Q: Do you enjoy or need help celebrating accomplishments and acknowledging yourself?

A: A coach helps you see where you’ve come from and lets the hard work and accomplishments sink in and take hold.   Too often in our busy world we jump from one challenge to the next without celebrating the growth and achievement that came with the effort.  A coach endorses the ‘who’ you’ve become through the effort and assists you in validating your accomplishments.

Note: The cycle keeps going, because as clients achieve goals, they often add others and keep their achievement and accountability partner by their side