How should growing companies think about prioritizing different initiatives?

Robert Julius Condemi

Enterprise Architecture; ERP solutions, Web Design, Development, & Maintenance; EDI; & Regulatory Environment Compliance/RCSinc - AdvisoryCloudTM

I was thinking about young ,growing companies, and how they set priorities. Wondering if they even do, or simply grow in reactionary mode. Sometimes despite such, without any plan. I believe all companies should practice controlled growth, controlled change. The three essential ingredients that make controlled change positive are a goal, objectives, and a plan. Every project generates from one primary global statement of purpose, the goal, and the major sub-goals that direct activity in order to achieve the goal, the objectives. By establishing clear and precise activities that must take place, and assembling the resources (people, materials, money) necessary to accomplish these objectives, a hierarchical depiction of the project forms, the plan.

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