How should growing companies think about leveraging your area of expertise?

Lanny Goodman

Consultant/Lanny Goodman - AdvisoryCloudTM

A business, like everything else humans create, is a design process.  What makes for great design is that it is deeply ordered.  In the case of a business, like all design problems, form follows function.  Do you know what the function of your business is in your life and the life of your spouse and family?  

Making money, sure, but you are going to and probably already have devoted a huge chunk of your waking hours to the business.  When you get to the last hour of your life and look back on your time here on earth, what will warm your heart, fill you with the satisfaction of knowing that your life was meaningful and worthwhile?

There are four questions to ask yourself right now.

1. What do I need and want out of life?

2. How can my business (or career if you are not an entrepreneur) help me accomplish number 1 above?

3. What would the business (or career) need to look like in order to support that accomplishment?

4. How do I get it there from here.

This is the foundation for your strategic planning process that will deeply order the design of your business, keep it coherent, focused, and on track.

Any help you might need answering these questions, please reach out.