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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I get on an advisory board?

Yes. Hundreds of companies build and manage their advisory boards on our platform and you'll be eligible to join them through our advisor program.

How big is the network?

We have over 13,000+ professionals using AdvisoryCloud to grow professionally, share expertise, and attract new opportunities through our innovative platform.

Can I write-off my membership?

Many times members of AdvisoryCloud are able to deduct their fees paid to us against other sources of income.

Can you help me get started?

Absolutely! Our Member Services team is always here to help. After you checkout - you’ll be offered an onboarding call where we can help setup your profile with you on the phone.

Can I cancel my membership?

We make it easy to cancel your membership. You can cancel anytime 15 days prior to your renewal date by going to your account page within the platform.

Are the advisory board positions paid?

Advisors participate in exchange for affiliation as an Advisory Board member, the professional development value, and the potential for paid opportunities with the company in the future.