November 21, 2018

What's in Your Pocket?

Brent Hultman

Brent Hultman
Partner & Program Facilitator/Strong People Systems

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What are the keys to success? Have I realized my full potential? Do I have a plan for my life or am I just getting through one day at a time with no idea where I'm going?

Have you ever asked yourself these question?

We all have potential, ability, and uniqueness that can be applied to achieving much more than many of us realize. Consider this: you have keys in your pocket that could open amazing things. You just need to figure out which pocket the keys are in and then determine what those keys unlock.

We are all born with fixed abilities and attributes (keys) that are ours by the luck of the draw. However, as we go through life, we gain many additional growth abilities and attributes (keys) that we have a great deal of control over whether we realize it or not. These keys get added to our key ring. The really good news is we can use both the fixed and growth keys to unlock our potential.

Having a pocket that's bulging with keys and you never pulling them out or use them to unlock your potential is such a waste! Even if you are unsure but you suspect that you may have a few keys jingling around in your pocket that you've never tried to use ask yourself these questions:

  • When was the last time that I actively evaluated my abilities and attributes?
  • Am I engaging in my work and other activities to my fullest potential?
  • Do I feel energized by what I do or am I just getting by?

If you don't like the answers to these questions and you'd like to be using all of the keys in your pocket you may need some help to discover what your keys unlock. Here are some suggestions for you to begin to unlock your potential:

  • Find people who see positive things in you (even if you don't see those things) and spend time with them.
  • Surround yourself with people who seem to be using a lot of the keys that they have in their pocket and do what they do.
  • Hire a coach to help you discover your keys to potential and to lay out a plan to us them.

We work with teams and individuals to help them discover the keys to their potential and then to intentionally set out to discover their potential. Remember: keys that we don't use are just dead weight that will make a hole in our pocket! 

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