November 27, 2018

We Are All Goldfish! 5 Fresh Tips to Make Sure Your Content Reaches Your Exact Audience

Dan Cohen

Dan Cohen
Founder/Principal, PR Firm/Full Court Press Communications

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You work hard to create dynamic content to reach your audience.  Will they watch, read, or hear it?

I recently served as the MC of ContentIsrael, a one-day event dedicated to the strategy and execution of content marketing.  The goal of the day was to identify how to break through to customers and target audiences in a noisy and distracted world.

Experts weighed in on various tools and strategies but agreed on one thing – we are all distracted beyond our ability to consume information.  

Now, what can we do about it?  Here are five suggestions from the experts and some quotable quotes from others.

Tell the story in the first 5 seconds.

On video or in a piece of written content, the first 5 seconds is everything.  Elad Ben David, the Creative Director of Wix, implores that the headline or video introduction has to say it all.  Anything that takes more than 5 seconds will see a major loss in viewers and attention. In his case, its “With Wix you can build a professional website…here’s how Maria did it...”

What does that mean for us?  Make the product or the issue the protagonist to forge a link with the target audience. Then, breathe life into the content with action, emotion, and detail – just as any good writer would.  And do it in a hurry.

The Goldfish Generation!

Yael Klass of the on-line video producer PROMO makes it clear that we have 8 seconds, maximum, to reach our target.  Her advice is to use video first. Video drives retention because people remember what they watch far more than what they read.

She also introduced us to the phrase “Scroll Stopping Content.”  We need to aim for content that stops our target audience in their tracks and makes them pay attention.

Her checklist to make content undeniable starts with the need to hook the audience in the first 3 seconds!  Use evocative language and include some call to action. This is a challenge to do clearly and concisely, but that is what will keep thumbs from scrolling past your important content.

TARGET because your competition isn’t your competitor – it’s a gif of a cat.

Eytan Buchman of Freightos, who also hosts the Two-Minute Marketing podcast, gave a strong reminder that all of us who create content have literally broken the internet.  We’ve stuffed it with content. Now, our job is to break through the ever-increasing clutter, which gets harder by the day.

He advises that we focus on quality, not quantity when reaching our target.  Sometimes intensely focusing our content on the leaders at few target companies, rather than an entire industry, will challenge us to put a premium on creating the most interesting and useful content we can. If our goal is to develop a relationship as a trusted content provider, narrowing and focusing our content can be the fastest way to draw our target’s attention.

“We’ve made the web in our image…Obese” – Jason Grigsby

Miriam Schwab of Strattic is a global leader in optimizing websites, content and blogs to ensure content can be easily found by search engines and your target audience.  She reminds us, however, that if we aren’t providing content that is quick to load and easy to consume, our audiences won’t wait around.

She shared that we need to make “Spiders” our friends.  Spiders crawl the internet and identify new content. There are technical ways to do this (ask your web team), but there are also a range of easy to make changes in your blog and content platform settings to ensure Google and others can find it easily…which will ensure your target audiences do to.

Give Value, Educate, then worry about Closing the sale

Finally, Yanay Sela of APPSEE shared three important nuggets when it comes to maximizing the reach of your content.  The first is “LOPA,” which means to Leverage Other People’s Audiences. Your content will have a much deeper impact on your target if its read somewhere other than your site or blog.  Challenge yourself to think about where your target audience goes for information, and try to meet them there with useful insights.

Second, he turned the 80/20 rule on its head.  As content creators, we likely believe that 80% of time should be put into writing/editing or making the videos our target audience needs to see.  However, Yanay urges us to instead put 80% of time and resources into the promotion and distribution of the content.  By flipping the ratio, the promotion will drive the awareness we are all trying to get from our target audiences.

Finally, he shared that the content promotional efforts should be done in bursts.  This creates an urgency among our audience and also ensures that in a fractured environment, we can surround our customers or targets.

Quoteable Quotes: 

Your target audience will never be everyone, unless your client is Jesus.   Rafi Mendelsohn of MyHeritage

Your LinkedIn Title is how you are portrayed when you engage with content. Make sure it reflects you as an industry expert. Yoel Israel, B2B Marketing Expert, Wadi Digital (You can also watch a video here with more insights)       

Disengaged users, not fully consuming content, is a nightmare for marketers.  Nohar Zmora of PlayBuzz

The key is customer-centric content strategies.  90% of people will take a recommendation from someone they know.  70% will take from folks they don’t know!! Yael Warman of Google Cloud/XM

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