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January 04, 2019

Take the Right Road to a Great 2109!

Kenneth Feiler

Kenneth Feiler
President/Velocity Healthcare Consultants

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 George Harrison wrote a song, “Any Road”, which said, “If you don’t know where you are going, any road will take you there.” Which road are you headed down?

Do you have a plan for this new year? In 2019 set goals in just 5 areas of your life to take the road to a special year.

Improve and manage your health – Set realistic goals to move more. 30 minutes a day, 4 days a week can have a significant positive effect on you. Walk around the block, up your stairs, ride your bike. Do something!

Eat Better - Cut down on sweets. Come on!! Promise to eat better, drink more water, less soda, and less alcohol!

Find your spirituality- No matter who or what you believe, you can take a few minutes each night before you close your eyes and acknowledge your blessings. Be thankful and share your thoughts with your higher power!

Connect to family and friends- Make 2019 special by reconnecting to your family and friends. Humans are social beings and need a connection to thrive. Take ten minutes each day to connect with those you love. They will be joyful and so will you.

Make strides with your career- Finding a happy work life is your real job. Be a better leader, employee, or entrepreneur. Take the time to write up your goals and be prepared to follow through. People are depending on you. 

Take a step towards your Financial growth- Do you have a budget, could you have a budget? Work on saving, learning to create a budget and making strides in 2019. Make a commitment to learn more about your financial security.

George Harrison was on to something when he wrote this song. Join me in finding the road to prosperity in 2019. Make 2019 a great year by taking small steps to find your road. 

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