February 05, 2019

Soft Skills Plus Hard Skills Equals Business Successes

David Frost

David Frost
Entrepreneur, Operational Leader & Strategic Manager/2030 Associates

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Did you contract MERSA?

Now that your attention is piqued...

A superbug, Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus - MRSA for short- is causing health care professionals to re-examine hospital/clinic cleanliness and antibiotic protocols.

The MERSA of this article is the opposite to that deadly bug; being the five lively elements of  effective leaders’ soft skills in their workplaces:

M- Motivation

E - Empathy

R - self Realization

S - Social Skills and

A - self Actualization.

Professor and author Dan Goleman may have been the first person to group such soft skills as these into a  skills category of Emotional Intelligence (EI).

This is certainly a far cry from Artificial Intelligence, yet EI May have even higher impacts in 21st-century workplaces than AI.


People are still your organization’s main battery to produce products or services to generate and sustain competitive advantages.

Workplace cultures of renown businesses (Zappos, Netflix, Southwest Airlines to cute a few) truly “get it” for their value additions of soft skills at all organizational levels. 

How does your organization grade on EI?

And how do you?

Soft Skill Self Assessment?

1  - Motivation.  How motivated and passionate are you? Do you feel that you do indeed have autonomy, mastery and purpose in your efforts?

2  - Is Empathy a front-burner item for you as you speed through your daily rat race?

Did you tune into your office’s break room currents which vibrate over Susie’s family loss?

How important are people compared and contrasted to your business products and processes, deliverables and crises?

3 - Self Realization. Are you, or can you "live up to" your full potential?

Are you stretching for goals or counting days 'til your gold watch and retirement?

4 - Social Skills. Scott Adam’s Dilbert Boss is off limits-yes?

 Do people like to be around you?  Do you remember names?

Can you laugh with others and listen actively?

5  Self-Actualization.  Don't worry about Maslow or his hierarchy of needs too much (R I P). 

Are you growing, with autonomy, mastery, and purpose toward your life's highest wants and needs?

Be all that you can be in these five elements of your personal Emotional Intelligence. 

Your corpus of soft skills is half (1/2) of this Insight's titled equation for Business Successes.


No super-bug.

Just use your super soft skills to make your professional lives more rewarding and to boost your company's bottom line in 5 intrinsic ways.

Comments? You can contact me directly via my AdvisoryCloud profile.

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