January 14, 2019

Productivity or Fecundity

Aravind Kashyap

Aravind Kashyap
Chief Executive Officer/Sage IT

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(Originally published on LinkedIn Pulse)


Productivity is the most often used term in today's business. It has been quintessential to our ability to produce more and increase the rate at which work gets done. Every single day we see machines, automation, artificial intelligence and everything around the digital world addressing the need for Productivity. I was thinking is Productivity so important - is there a possibility of some kind of "Moore's theorem" to productivity. Will there ever be a limit to productivity. Are we too hyper and concerned about something that is bound of happen.

If you think deeper the next wave in business will not be driven by Productivity. It will driven by the term Fecundity. Mark this !!!. Companies are starting to measure Fecundity as the ability to produce new ideas. Ideation within the organization to think inside and outside the box combined with new inspirations will be the new measure going forward. Companies that have an ideation focus will differentiate themselves faster and better than others.

Question that we have to answer is like Productivity can we increase Fecundity - our ability to think and come out with ideas. Can organizations groom it's workforce to be idea generators rather than productivity multipliers. It is simply foolish to think that few people in the organization will focus on Ideas - while others will implement them. It is not that one department or a team that will ideate sitting in a green room. It has to be part of the DNA of the organization.

Here are few steps that you can follow to bring focus on Fecundity

  • Democratize Ideation process
  • Create Ideation funnel within every group, team, business unit
  • Qualify, Quantify and Celebrate ideas (never forget the last one... celebrating ideas is the key to success)
  • Harvest Ideas to Value

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