December 01, 2018

Making the Most of Your Credentials - Your Story

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I hear from people who are Project Management Professional (PMP) certified from all over the world several times a week (most have gone through Cheetah Learning to earn their PMP).  They share with me how they have used their credential over the years. I thought it might be informative to share those stories on my blog (as we do all learn from each other). I am sharing this here as we all have our stories of what our credentials have done for us. We do all learn from each other through the stories we share of what brought us to where we are. Think about the stories you share about how you've made the most of your credentials.

For me, becoming a Project Management Professional (PMP) changed my business life in some remarkable ways. I had been an entrepreneur for 15 years before I became a PMP. After becoming a PMP in 2001, it was like I became an entrepreneur on steroids as then I had more discipline to the follow the processes required to be a more successful entrepreneur.

Becoming a PMP changed my thought patterns in some significant ways - as I looked at everything I was doing through the lens of IPECC (Initiation, Planning, Execution, Control, and Closeout). Where was I with my projects, what did I need to do to keep them moving through to the closeout phase to what had I learned I could use on my future projects - even if the project didn't quite turn out as I had expected.

This last part has been a critical reflection activity as being an entrepreneur, I can generate a gazillion ideas a minute. The challenge is always, which of these ideas to pursue. I now have extensive opportunity scan processes (we teach these in the Cheetah Leadership Program). These opportunity scan processes are a way to incorporate lessons learned from previous projects into what we are considering doing today.

Think about your own credentialing story:

  1. What was the most significant change for you after earning your credentials?
  2. How did earning your credentials change the way you move through the world today?
  3. What about earning your credential has stuck with you (for Cheetah students they recall intense details of the accelerated immersion program they went through to become PMP certified)?
  4. How have you influenced those around you by earning your credentials?
  5. What have you done to keep your credentials in good standing?
  6. Other thoughts?

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