November 04, 2018

Life's Organizing Principle

Gary Baer

Gary Baer
Founder & CEO/Viridis Global

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There is a singular Organizing Principle pervading all of life. There is no place it is absent nor a time when it is not active. It can be discovered in nature as what we outwardly observe, in mankind as what we inwardly experience and always found operating through three states, phases or conditions.

Individuals experience the Principle as the internal conversation about achieving one's purpose. This takes place through the thoughts we think, emotions we feel, and actions we take.

  • This process is the called the Business of Humanity.

Communities experience the Principle as shared conversations about quality of life, such that individuals may realize and achieve their purpose. This takes place on the level of the collective thoughts we think, emotions we feel and actions we take.

  • This process is called the Role of Society.

Companies experience the Principle as an evolving conversation about customer satisfaction, which enables the members of a community to realize a better quality of life in support of the individual achieving their purpose in society. This process takes place on the level of the thoughts, emotions and actions of employees, consumers and investors.

  • This process is called the Responsibility of Business.

When life is lived in accordance with the Principal individuals, communities and companies experience tangible success and an evolving sense of wellbeing. When life is lived in discord with the Principal individuals, communities and businesses experience discomfort.

Fortunately, life is endowed with the capacity to self-organize, self-assess and self-correct, which is why any discomfort arises in our experience. Discomfort, be it mental, emotional or physical, is Life's invitation to reassess our thinking, feeling and doing so that we may self-correct and achieve our purpose.

Historically the philanthropic impulse found operating in society are efforts to self-correct the discord found operating. Often this impulse finds expression in humanitarian, social and environmental initiatives. But when we realize that the “discomfort” of society arises from the collective consciousness of the individuals of the group, we understand why efforts failing to enlist the transformative power of that collective will always remain ineffective. Clearly, attempting to solve problems on the level of their expression will always fail.

If our intent is to align society with Life’s Organizing Principle then a fundamental shift must occur in that place where the greatest number of individuals may be affected. That place is the World of Business where it is possible to transform the collective thinking, feeling and doing of individuals in the workplace and, through them, restore balance to the business, economic and social fabric of society. That is where we must start and we must do so with the understanding that business is always personal!

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