January 30, 2019

Lessons in Business from Business Owners

Alexandria Trusov

Alexandria Trusov
Marketing Principal/TruInsights Consulting LLC

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Recently I’ve hosted several small dinners* for women business owners in every stage of business growth. In the company of these successful women business owners, I learned a number of valuable lessons the very best way?—?over dinner and with friends.

These dinners have been powerful mini-entrepreneur MBA and coaching sessions rolled into one! Here are the top four timeless business lessons I distilled from our conversations over dinner:

1) Ask

  • for business
  • for the close
  • for the raise
  • what else your company can help with

2) Do things that make you uncomfortable (aka stretch you)

  • Create boundaries (around your time, with clients, for yourself)?—?and enforce them
  • Get okay with the fact that not everyone close to you will understand your successes
  • Listen, deeply to what customers need
  • Talk about your business to friends and strangers
  • Talk about the money (when owed or when pricing) with the clients

3) Give yourself credit

  • Honor your skills and knowledge
  • It’s not bragging if it’s true
  • If you don’t claim your success, no one will claim it for you

4) Know your worth

  • Own your seat at the conference table
  • Keep your pricing in line with the value of services/product you provide
  • If people try to assign your wins to others, don’t be “nice” and let them

The first Salon?—?November 2018 (Photo credit http://monicabrazier.com/)

Remember, whether you get your paycheck from a company or from your clients, you are in business for yourself. And every day, you represent the brand and the company of YOU. So, put your best foot forward. I bet there are ways you can take action on these lessons in business from business owners, today!

*The dinners are called “Bloom Salon” after the historical definition of a salon as a gathering of people under the roof of an inspiring host, held to amuse participants and to increase the knowledge of the participants. It’s an evening of conversation over a beautiful 4-course dinner in a private room at a local restaurant with guided conversation, take-away business tools, and a private LinkedIn group to keep the conversation going and connections up afterwards

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