January 14, 2019

How Smart Can the Machines Get .. Wait tTill You Read This

Aravind Kashyap

Aravind Kashyap
Chief Executive Officer/Sage IT

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Originally published on LinkedIn Pulse


Have you ever wondered how smart the machines can get? Every day we see some part of our life being taken over by machines. Connected devices with context and intelligence are driving our lives and behaviors.  It is crazy right?

Let us look at the way smart machines are taking over the world. The first generation was all about facts and figures. We got information about everything at a push of a button.  As we progressed, we started getting suggestions without even asking. Suggestions were based on history, location, demographics etc.. That was cool. Machines suggested what we want and need. 

Next level of smartness came in the world of self-help. Helping users as they get stuck any place, anytime and anywhere.  It is a level above suggestions - because the machine starts contextualizing to the situation.  This opened up new avenues for Next-generation task automation.  This level of smartness now has become the foundation for self-heal and automation.  Suggest the task and do it for me is the next level of smartness.

Advancement in Artificial Intelligence and application of AI has enabled us to build autonomous smart machines which continue to learn over period of time and make course corrections.  Today we expect this to happen everywhere.  If you have been using iPhone like most of us, you will see the subtle smartness in the application by making suggestions, doing the task and driving autonomous decisions. 

What next?  We just cannot predict which way this will go in the future.  However, it is appropriate to make a prediction that machines will Predict, Suggest, Decide and Act without human intervention.

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