January 25, 2019

Have You been - Restructured?

John Harvey

John Harvey
CEO & Principal/SAIL Consulting Group Inc.

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Let's talk about the elephant in the room.. have you ever been restructured?  Being the product of a corporate restructure is not easy - often times this has nothing to do with performance and more to do with "synergies".  Does that really help?  For those who have lost their job as a result of synergies, or some form of restructuring it certainly does not provide any solace.  When you are left sitting at home wondering what happened and what is next, the benefit to "the company" wears off quickly when "the person" is scratching their head trying to figure our what just happened and how to rebuild their life and career.  A wise man once told me:  "Your company is not a person" - never forget that.

This is an important moment in anyone's life, because the fact that our society puts so much stock into "what you do for a living"; think about it - what's the first question people ask you when you meet a stranger at a party - "so, what do you do for a living....".  

Remember this, your job title does not determine your self-worth; because a job title can be taken from you in a heartbeat, but who you are is defined by your values, your beliefs and how you live your life; your role in society, your role in your family, community and social circles - what you CONTRIBUTE to this world.  

Do not give anyone that much power over you - never let anyone define who you are in this universe - because that is up to you, and depending on what you believe - well - that is up to a higher being - but it all comes down to free will.

Whether you believe in the Devine or the Corporate or some other value system, it all comes down to an act of the will and how much power you are willing to give others over your life and how you define yourself.  

If we can help you in any way, it will be to help you find the best version of yourself, the full potential of what you were put on this earth to achieve.  One thing is for certain, YOU were given unique talents and you have a PURPOSE on this earth.  The question is, are you brave enough to find your purpose or are you going to let someone else tell you what that is?  

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