January 26, 2019

Grow with Your Audience: 5 Key Types of Content to Use to Expand Your Audience

Jennifer Pardee

Jennifer Pardee
Founding Partner, CEO/Blinkstream.net

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Content Strategy & Content Marketing


Every person, company and group has a story to tell. While you may not be sure how to tell it or to whom you will be telling, you have a story to tell, you do have one. Discovering your story and creating structured content and narratives to express your story is a process all of its own.

This article is meant to bring insight for organizations who have a strategy for content marketing and are looking to find the best type of content to share their story.


Content Creation: Telling the Same Story in Many Ways


Content creation, content development and content marketing can be daunting if not overwhelming for even the most talented creatives within well-established companies and organizations.

Numerous factors are juggled continuously in the background of the content creation process to execute a content marketing campaign. To generate a single piece of content with the potential for multiple uses, the technical, branding and company goals have to be addressed in order to have the greatest reach across your Internet footprint.

Your Customers and Stakeholders Experience through Different Media Formats


At this point in the content creation process clients often feel overwhelmed. If you have a well-developed story then the efforts are put into telling it through media. If you are still refining and developing your company story then clarifying questions always help to well, clarify and prioritize. Here are some of the questions I often hear when working with clients.

What type of content do I create? Blog articles, Videos, Infographics, social videos, Stories, print-based materials?

Where do they get published? Social media, our blog, someone else’s blog?

Which is better? Video, social media, social video?

My intention is to try to keep the content marketing strategy process as simple as possible. Since I learned content marketing through ecommerce-based SEO over 10 years ago I have had the benefit of seeing this process through multiple sets of eyes over a time period where there has been tremendous change in technology, methodology, and processes for creating different types of content.

At the end of the day you still have an organization to run, so disciplined, focused creativity in your content strategy and creation process will bring more benefit than a wandering discovery process in your content creation.

It is important to remember each piece of content you create is a separate user experience. Whoever views and interacts with your content will discover what they will discover in their online searching process.

This means the same story can be shared through five different types of media and reach five times as many people.


Blog Articles


Nearly every organization will make use of a blog. Articles can be created easily, quickly and you can feature many authors. This gives the opportunity for team members to participate in the content creation process.

A wide variety of articles can be created to address a wide range of needs for multiple audiences.

Blogs are still a primary resource for organizations to share their story and other relevant information with their customers and stakeholders.




With over 72% of businesses saying videos improved their conversion rate, this is hard to ignore. Videos are an excellent tool for many purposes with many options in the type and application of videos.

Here are a few types of videos to work with.

  • Explainers – Explain an idea, product, service and/or how customers benefit (as just a few options)
  • Vlog – Video Blogs
  • How-To Video’s
  • Tutorials
  • Culture Videos – Share the experience of working with your company with culture videos.
  • Training Sessions
  • Webinars – Allow your customers and interested people sign up to hear a featured speaker from your organization.
  • Events
  • Presentations

Social Media Posts


With 94% of companies using social media to connect with and grow their audiences, social media is by far the most utilized channel for content creation.

Social media posts can be created with relative ease when it comes to production. Planning does not have to be as in-depth as with videos or infographics for example.

Using social media for optimal engagement does demand more of a deep dive into the content itself as well as any accompanying graphics, videos etc. Social media also provides more of a platform where customers and interested parties can communicate directly to their favorite companies.

A few types of content for social media include:

  • News
  • Events
  • Interesting information
  • Quizzes
  • Polls
  • Sale/Ecommerce information
  • Images
  • Quotes

Social Media also allows for a wide variety of mixing and matching media, types of content to provide a wider variety.

Using more than one social media channel also allows you to cultivate a larger and more diverse audience.




65% of your audience will be a visual learner. The infographic is telling a visual story with contextual data (accuracy and attribution are still important). With so much text content on the web using infographics is a great way to build diverse and visual content.




An image is still worth a thousand words. Images add to the text content you create as well as any social posts and give dimension to any of the content you create.




All these content types are ways for users to be delighted, entertained while experiencing your company, your story, products, services and get to know you. Your strategy is as flexible as you need it to be.

Comments? You can contact me directly via my AdvisoryCloud profile.

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