August 06, 2019

From Ideation to Expression

Jennifer Pardee

Jennifer Pardee
Founding Partner, CEO/

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Both ideation and expression is a natural process to many aspects of our life. When it comes to reaching out to people to share our business ventures and create an attractive experience both ideation and expression become a conscious process. At this point, we begin to ‘ideate’

Ideation and expression as it relates to content development expresses at every stage of your digital content and in nearly every digital content medium… and web sites in particular since that is one of the oldest digital mediums used for organized expression.

So when it comes to ideation as it relates to content I often find myself being both a reflector and a redirector with clients. Helping clients with both the ideation process and the expression process through design and articulation (through words, graphic elements images, and other elements) gives them a way to view what they want to say and how they want to say it.

With my experience, I have created some methods to facilitate the ideation process. I'm going to talk about a few methods to hone your creative critical thinking processes.

When it comes to ideation and expression, this is the part where you mentally and imaginatively distill your thoughts so that they can be expressed tangibly so others can then experience and share what you're trying to create.

These are methods and processes that can be used by anyone who develops content used in social media, web sites, blog content, shopping cart process for a business to consumer and shopping cart processes for business to business workflows.

Puns and wordplay

When it comes to ‘ideation and expression’ discovering your message and creating content the internet loves puns and wordplay not too much mind you but enough to make reading your content interesting.

Some wordplay gives your content a unique voice some entertainment and evidence of emotional intelligence.

Numerous industries lean towards being able to use puns and wordplay just because of the industries. Below is a list of Industries but I have developed projects for and consulted in where you can have a lot of fun with just the right amount of wordplay.

1. Sports - pretty much any sport in any aspect of sports be it clothing equipment, etc.
2. The printing industry... copy that.
3. Real Estate... home is where the heart is after all.
4. Trash removal... insert tasteless joke here.
5. Port a potty... need I say more.


Within the e-commerce user experience, it's the details that matter. Your product listings, descriptions, hover overs and the smallest details built into every aspect of the check-out process, as well as the user, accounts for post-purchase interactions all define your voice, experience and often will drive the life of continued sales especially in B2B eCommerce workflows.

When human details are added to these especially with a little bit of humor and some wordplay built into it will make the experience that much more memorable and often generate repeat sales.


Being able to use word play with images brings additional value to this dynamic.  Here the content of images creates the message.

Adding a picture that says part or all of what you are trying to say demonstrates creative thinking and can take facilitate an audience, customers to take their thought processes further using words, images, shapes and more dynamic ways of ‘ideation and expression’. 

If your company is trying to reach younger generations, this is an excellent strategy as they are better versed in this type of thinking and expression. 

With images you can extend this dynamic into social media, blogging, videos, tutorials and other types of content. 

Knowing these elements can help you build a content strategy as well as the voice for your audience and future customers.


Since a video is a focused experience unto itself, using video for the best experience may mean understanding the bigger picture. From the standpoint of ideation to expression video can give a complete experience all on its own.

When the video plays a supporting role in larger workflow processes(B2B eCommerce, B2C eCommerce, shopping support or any support after a purchase) whether in a supportive role or as an added dimension to your content it should be shaped with that content and any aspects of the larger picture in mind.

Ideation and expression are key elements to developing content, shaping user experiences and as your company grows, expands and offers new products and services offers a way to develop your consciousness to be able to create user memorable user experiences for a fulfilling experience and as a way to build marketing campaigns to drive growth.

Contact me via my AdvisoryCloud profile for a consult today on how to make the most of the digital experiences you create for the audience.

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