November 08, 2018

Escape Work!

Jack Rolfe

Jack Rolfe
Author, Speaker, Consultant/Jack Rolfe Security Consulting

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IF there were an emergency at your place of work– What would you do?  Do you have a personal plan?  You spend most of your hours each week at work.  Have you planned for a power outage, a tornado, earthquake, fire or an active assailant?  

Take a few minutes today and look around.  Know where the exits are and how to get there.  What if an exit is blocked?  do you have a plan "B"?

Where could you take cover?  Cover is where you can hide and stop a bullet.  Concealment is where you can hide but not be protected from a bullet.   Something is better than nothing but cover is best.   

Is there a rally point for employees in case of an evacuation? 

If you had to leave what would you take with you – Phone, Data, Laptop, minimal personal effects …

Decide now, in advance, when you should get out or when you should shelter in place?  Does your company have guidelines for evacuation?

What’s in YOUR desk?  Keep basic items there – A wedge to block a door, a mirror in your cube to see behind you, Flash drive with up to date back-ups of critical docs, basic first aid supplies (bleeding is your main concern) Personal Protection -Bee spray, 5 iron or?

Are there company drills for foreseeable events?  Perhaps you might suggest that they start having drills and address worker safety from a security perspective!  Is there a procedure for reporting suspicious behavior?  Does the company control access to the property or office?

Ask your company to hold a security meeting and discuss foreseeable event and responses! Call me – I can help! 

What about travel security - do you have a plan and have you prepared for foreseeable situations? 

If you see something – Say something!  

Don't be afraid - be prepared and alert! 

Comments? You can contact me directly via my AdvisoryCloud profile.

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