January 26, 2019

Don't Tell Me No -Tell Me How

Nancy Steiger

Nancy Steiger
President/Nancy Steiger Consulting

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Have you ever brought up a new idea at work and there's that one person who immediately starts listing all the reasons it won't work, why we can't do it, and why we shouldn't even try?

In all my years in management and leadership, I experienced this all too often. It immediately kills the energy in the room and if not addressed can severely limit the outcomes and productivity of teams and organizations.

I believe that Leadership is about seeing what's possible and knowing how to harness the energy and ideas and contributions of the team. When it comes to ideas and initiatives, my leadership philosophy can be summed up in 7 words:


Don't tell me no, tell me how.


Achievement and progress happen through how. So, tell me, how are you growing as a leader? How are you engaging your team to go farther than they think possible? How are you responding to new ideas? How are you considering risk and moving forward despite the obstacles?

My calling is to walk with leaders who see their work as sacred and to coach individuals, teams and boards to mission achievement, removing barriers and providing resources.

Comments? You can contact me directly via my AdvisoryCloud profile.

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