January 31, 2019

Don’t Be Scared to Lead

Loren Brockhouse

Loren Brockhouse
SVP Strategy /Businessolver

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As I think about leading people, I get energized and ready to take on anything. That is until I remember that leading people requires giving constant feedback. I so enjoy giving the positive stuff. I even get through the constructive feedback. What I am challenged by is the critical feedback. During my research on Empathy, I was given a book “Dare to Lead” by Brene’ Brown. I couldn’t put the book down. It was exactly what I needed to raise my game to the next level. I would encourage you to pick up the book and become a better leader!

For those who still need some encouragement to invest in “Dare to Lead”, let me share a few of my notes and thoughts. Being a great leader (whether it is at work, at home, or at church) requires you to shift focus from you onto others. It will hard to become your best leader self without focusing your finite time and energy on others. If you are still with me, you might be asking how to do this? Thanks for asking.

You must LEARN become vulnerable. Take your armor off as Brene’ would say. Brene’ defines vulnerability as:

  1. Uncertainty
  2. Risk
  3. Emotional Exposure

You must be willing to lead vulnerably and operate comfortably in all three areas. This absolutely requires courage. To be courageous, you must develop your skillset to lead through uncertainty, risk, and emotional exposure. Yes, this takes courage. Here is the good news: vulnerability and courage are skill sets. They can be taught and learned. Here is what you can do to develop them:

  1. Rumble with vulnerability – put yourself out there and become comfortable being vulnerable. Give up trying to control everything.
  2. Living in your values – create a Why Statement for yourself. Define what is important and use that definition to make each decision and influence each interaction you have.
  3. Braving Trust – be loyal to the absent and assume positive intent.
  4. Learn to Rise – we all feel better on sunny days. Yet, I believe it is the “mudders” (those people who can run as fast on a wet track as a dry track, because there are many rainy days in life) who are able to accomplish great things. They learn to overcome setbacks.

Don’t be scared to be vulnerable. Don’t be scared to be courageous. Invest in yourself. Dare to Lead!

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