November 21, 2018

Can Quality Become Appealing to Everyone?

Pierre Servan

Pierre Servan
Principal Consultant & Owner /Factor Quality

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As an owner of a Quality Management firm, we live and breathe Quality. But let’s be honest, most people dislike and/or do not understand it. If a business has a Quality department, many will view it as the necessary evil to make big customers happy. Smaller organizations, that cannot afford a quality group, often think of quality as  “added work, hindrance and complexity to the business”.

Would you believe me if we told you that there is value to having a Quality Management System? Would you believe me that there is no need for you to think of it as a hindrance to your job or business?

Quality after all is a term that has numerous definitions. Quality, according to Juran, means that “a product meets customer needs leading to customer satisfaction, and quality also means all of the activities in which a business engages in, to ensure that the product meets customer needs”. However, meeting requirements have often gotten more complex over time. Industries and businesses have developed over time “sets of rules” that are supposed to enable companies to help meet requirements. These “rules” are often terms that are not well understood, and people have imposed their interpretations and unknowingly ended up implementing unneeded activities to their businesses.

In my attempt to show that Quality is indeed simple, during the next few weeks I will take time to go over different terms that are used in the Quality field. In doing so I hope to make quality more appealing to all. Here are some terms that I will explain:

  • Quality Management System
  • Document Control
  • Calibration
  • Process-based approach
  • Nonconformance
  • Corrective Action
  • Risk-Based thinking
  • PDCA cycle

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