January 27, 2019

Board Room Risk (& Reward) in a Rapidly Changing World

Aaron Perry

Aaron Perry
Founder, CEO & Executive Director/Y on Earth Community

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As Directors and Executives, we must be on the constant lookout for the potential rewards of emerging opportunities, as well as the potential threats of risks. In times of dramatic change, our vigilance becomes even more paramount, more essential to our leadership roles and duties.

And we live in a time of dramatic change.

Globally, consumers continue to transform the marketplace through their increasingly informed purchasing decisions, driven by increased information transparency. Virtually every nation is now responding to the existential threats posed by climate change, massive market perturbations, digital terrorism, and other significant systemic risks.

But what does all of this mean for us right now, in terms of performing our duties and obligations as fiduciaries of the companies that we are leading?

Let’s ask an accountant!

In my recent podcast episode (link below), Christine Robinson, CPA, of Deloitte & Touche's Sustainability Services Practice Group, discusses the growing momentum and deepening of sustainability practices in the corporate world as investors and consumers demand greater environmental stewardship and social responsibility from companies.

In this emerging Age of Transparency, Christine advises that opportunities abound for forward-leading companies, and risks are increasing for those that don’t yet understand these critical market and policy trends. Directors, CFOs, and other Executive Leaders are increasingly recognizing these risks and opportunities, and the global marketplace is being transformed as a result. Taking care of water, and people is increasingly smart business, and leaders are being rewarded. Not doing so spells potential disaster for companies, and especially for the fiduciaries at their helms.

See and hear my interview with Christine Robinson here: https://yonearth.org/podcast-archive/episode-20-christine-robinson-deloitte-touche-sustainability-services-group/

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