Pharma Executive Finds New Passion Through Advisory Work

My goal as an advisor is to be helpful to others and lend a hand to their vision and their passion. AdvisoryCloud helps me find opportunities that fit my interests and my goals exactly.
Raymond Sanchez
SVP, Global Clinical Development
Otsuka Pharmaceutical

Raymond Sanchez is a psychiatrist with over twenty years of academic, medical and pharmaceutical industry experience with a proven history of global asset development resulting in regulatory approvals in multiple indications and formulations in compounds. His areas of expertise include the central nervous systems, sleep/circadian rhythms, analgesia and digital health and medicine. Throughout his career, Raymond has provided executive medical leadership, overseeing global development portfolios from early phase to late stage programs with specific innovative study designs. He has a strong global network of academic and regulatory experts and clinical investigators with a history of effective collaboration and outcomes. In addition, Raymond has extensive business development experience with due diligence of potential assets and alliance acquisitions and management.


Raymond Sanchez, M.D. trained in psychiatry at the Yale School of Medicine and transitioned into the pharmaceutical industry in 2000 to develop new medicines for psychiatry, pain management, and neurology. An astute global expert in the pharmaceutical industry, Raymond leads the Global Clinical Development Division of Otsuka Pharmaceutical Development and Commercialization in Princeton, NJ.

His work includes overseeing global pharmaceutical development portfolios from their initial first stages to managing negotiations that lead to approval by various regulatory agencies around the world. Throughout his career, he has worked extensively with the FDA in the United States, the EMA in Europe, the PMDA in Japan, the TGA in Australia, and others.

Raymond currently sits on the Biomedical Advisory Council for PhRMA and is also on the Board of Directors as a Trustee for the Connecticut Mental Health Center Foundation, Yale School of Medicine Department of Psychiatry. He is executive co-chair of the International Society for CNS Drug Development. Furthermore, he periodically counsels different companies and foundations that need advice in the pharmaceutical industry through a few agencies.


With a desire to help others, Raymond decided to join AdvisoryCloud to find advisory positions that aligned with his vast expertise in pharmaceutical and therapy treatments while contributing to companies with a similar passion. Raymond was first introduced to AdvisoryCloud through a colleague who had personally found success using the platform. His colleague knew Raymond’s unique industry expertise, combined with his success in building productive teams and systems, could bring enormous value to new companies.

Once Raymond set up his account, and worked with our team to create a customized advisor profile, he is able to search through advisor opportunities on his own using the platform. He also receives email alerts directly from the platform notifying him of opportunities that are suited specifically for his background. He reviews each opportunity and applies to the ones that interest him the most. Once he applies to an opportunity, he receives updates on his progress from our member success team.

“I’ve received great feedback from the opportunities I have applied for, and AdvisoryCloud team has continuously kept me updated on my progress and any new potential positions I may be interested in,” said Raymond.

Raymond also utilizes the professional development tools and educational resources provided through AdvisoryCloud to ensure he is knowledgeable on current business topics.


Following several interviews scheduled by AdvisoryCloud, Raymond was offered advisory positions with The Anxiety & Depression Initiative and The Life Reentry Institute. With The Anxiety & Depression Initiative, a nonprofit that supports those suffering from anxiety and depression, he gives his support by aiding in fundraising initiatives and providing his expert advice as requested.

Most recently, Raymond accepted an advisory board position at The Life Reentry Institute, a grief therapy practice. After speaking with Christina Rasmussen, Founder and CEO at The Life Reentry Institute, her passion and company vision resonated with Raymond and he agreed to help by joining her Advisory Board. They meet in person periodically, but typically work together virtually either one-on-one or with the other members of the Board.

“Meeting Christina Rasmussen and joining the team at The Life Reentry Institute is a very exciting development that has come from my experience using AdvisoryCloud. I think The Life Reentry Institute shows a lot of promise, and I’m thrilled to have found the opportunity and look forward to seeing how I can contribute and help the company grow and succeed. Working with AdvisoryCloud has been a great experience,” said Raymond.

Whether you’re a CEO, C-Suite executive, or VP, your expertise can play a critical role in helping with business challenges, exploring opportunities, and providing advice on projects or key decisions. AdvisoryCloud makes it incredibly easy for executives to find and get hired as advisors. Let us help you discover the power of advisory work.

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