Why a Fortune 500 Executive Joins AdvisoryCloud

I would not have found this incredible board opportunity without AdvisoryCloud.
Rick Colón
SVP at Dunkin Donuts, and former
McDonald's Executive

Rick Colón is the Senior Vice President of Operations and Development for Dunkin’ Donuts U.S. Previous to that, Rick was President of the East Division of McDonald’s USA where he led operations, deployment, and execution for over 4,000 McDonald units that generated annual sales of $11 billion annually across 11 states. In that role, he also oversaw talent development of regional field officers, collaborating with them to improve alignment and consistent execution through the restaurants. With more than 38 years of experience in the McDonald’s System, both on the franchise and corporate side, Rick is a proven leader and highly successful in developing operational excellence, talent development and franchisee profitability.


Rick Colón is an established Fortune 500 executive and sits on the board of directors for several major nonprofit medical organizations. As a former McDonald’s regional president and currently the SVP for Dunkin’ Donuts U.S., Rick is an inspirational leader who understands every aspect of the restaurant industry. He has a unique blend of operations and general management experience, and is eminently qualified to help companies capitalize on growth opportunities.

Rick joined AdvisoryCloud to diversify his board experience, expand his traditional network, and get involved with startup companies. With more than 38 years of experience in McDonald’s vast organization, Rick has a diverse skill-set in a variety of disciplines from sales and marketing to implementing strong business operations. These attributes are invaluable resources for an emerging company.


AdvisoryCloud team helped Rick build his profile by completing his bio, reviewing his resume, and providing him with guidance in choosing opportunities tailored to his expertise. Rick was able to proactively narrow his search to match his credentials with startups in specific industries. AdvisoryCloud team provided suggestions for advisory opportunities that suited his goals and experience.

AdvisoryCloud introduced Rick to the CEO of Alocito, a web-based food ordering and reservation service. “Once the match was made, AdvisoryCloud team scheduled interviews in a timely manner and were professional and thorough throughout the entire process,” said Rick. Rick received an offer to join the board of advisors for Alocito within only a few weeks of the initial introduction.


Alocitio appeared to be a perfect fit.

“AdvisoryCloud helped me find exactly what I was looking for in my next board position,” he said. “I am thrilled to have been offered an advisory board position at Alocito. I would not have found this incredible opportunity without AdvisoryCloud.”

AdvisoryCloud did this by opening doors to companies outside Rick’s normal circle of contacts. He is able to communicate privately, peer-to-peer, with executives in the restaurant industry and other industries to expand his knowledge-base. With the support and resources offered by AdvisoryCloud, Rick was able to fulfill his goal of landing his an advisory position with a tech startup.

With the addition of Rick, Alocito built an impressive advisory board using AdvisoryCloud. Other board members include senior executives from Buffalo Wild Wings, Johnny Rockets, Shake Shack, and Equinox.

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