Telecommunications Company Builds a Bigger Network with Advisors

Company Info
Client: Intelligent Wireless Networks

CEO: Steven Davis

Founded: 2013

Location: Stockton, CA

Industries:  Telecommunication, Technology

About Intelligent Wireless Networks

Intelligent Wireless Networks, Inc. aims to be the leader in the development of a hybrid solution for delivering internet connectivity & WiFi to under-served areas and rural communities. IWN has received invitations and encouragement from offices such as the California Farm Bureau Federation and USDA to further develop innovations in the delivery and operation of communications network infrastructure is an economic driver. IWN believes “Infrastructure delivering high-speed internet answers an inherent need now, but also delivers limitless opportunity for tomorrow.”


Intelligent Wireless Networks was established in 2013 to develop a hybrid solution for delivering internet connectivity to underserved areas and rural communities. Founder Steve Davis is an expert radio frequency engineer, constructing networks throughout professional sports stadiums and music festivals including Las Vegas’ Electric Daisy Carnival, and Walt Disney’s Aluani Resort in Hawaii.  

Over the course of his career in telecommunications, Steven noticed the untapped potential of connecting rural communities to the Internet of Things (IoT) and all the advances modern technology could bring to these areas, leading him to develop Intelligent Wireless Networks. Steven joined AdvisoryCloud to rebuild his board of directors, with a goal of  finding experts in funding, global distribution, and go-to-market strategy.

When building this new board of directors, I needed to correct the problems I faced with my previous board.  It is important to me that this board be comprised of people who not only have the right professional experience but are also people that I can personally connect with. The mission behind Intelligent Wireless Networks is my passion, and I want to be sure I’m sharing my passion with the right people,” said Steven.


Steven wanted to build a board of directors to focus on working together to bring his vision to life and expand connectivity to those yet to experience the positive impact of today’s modern technological advances. His main criteria when selecting his board was to find individuals looking to help a growing company succeed, not someone simply joining a board for monetary gain.

Steven found AdvisoryCloud to be a valuable resource for guiding him toward highly qualified executive board members. He also appreciated that AdvisoryCloud team managed the entire selection process. Within four weeks, Steven had chosen over 20 applicants and conducted interviews with each. Based on the conversations he held, he selected three highly-experienced executives to join his board of directors with backgrounds in technology, investment banking, and law.

With AdvisoryCloud platform, I was given the opportunity to have an ‘online cart’ full of potential board members all in one place.  I was able to browse for the exact type of candidates I wanted for my board of directors. AdvisoryCloud team is wonderful at continuously making sure I understand how to best utilize their platform and is constantly providing me with feedback and advice on how to best leverage my board to accomplish my business goals,” said Steven.


In just under 6 weeks, Steven successfully rebuilt Intelligent Wireless Networks’ board of directors. He is in constant contact with his board and holds formal meetings with them twice a month to discuss new developments and growth opportunities. As his company evolves, he hopes to take on more board members to help lead the company into new and promising directions.

Recently, the team at Intelligent Wireless Networks secured a scholarship with Western Growers Association to attend their Salinas Tech and Innovation Center, and subsequently developed a partnership. With the help of his new board of directors, along with encouragement and support from offices such as the Western Growers Association, California Farm Bureau Federation, and USDA, Steven hopes to successfully execute his dream of building wireless infrastructures and delivering high-speed internet to rural communities all around the world.

I would have never been able to build this incredible board without AdvisoryCloud. Every member of my board possesses a great eagerness to help me and my company succeed and each exchange we share is thoughtful, innovative, and creative. I truly believe our model for connectivity will play a major part in changing these businesses for the modern world. Thanks to AdvisoryCloud, I now have a strong, dynamic board as a solid component to help drive my company vision to new heights,” said Steven.

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Ganesh Tayi

CEO of Never Lose The Deal, Former Vice President & General Manager at Motorola Mobility

Ganesh Tayi has been a successful business executive for over 20 years. He has worked with Fortune 500 technology companies including Sprint, Nextel and Motorola. Ganesh’s strong operational leadership is responsible for creating consistent improvements for high-growth, mature and turnaround businesses around the world

Eric Storey

Senior Vice President, Solix Inc.

Eric is a top-performing sales, strategy, and consulting executive with over 15 years of experience designing and leading sales teams for complex service offerings in technology, healthcare, and financial services. He is well-versed in next generation technologies including intelligent process automation, Cloud technology, and mobile accessibility options.

Gregory Ryan

Management Consultant/ Bus Dev. Consultant to Plaza Limousine

Gregory’s main business focus is streamlining operations, improving sales process, reducing bottlenecks and enhancing the customer experience. He is a seasoned manager in wireless technology, retail sales, and transportation with a record of leadership, growth and performance.

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