Advisors Add Exponential Value to Growing Web-Based Marketing Company

Company Info
Client: Taradel

CEO: Jim Fitzgerald

Founded: 2003

Location: Richmond, VA

Industries:  Integrated Marketing, Technology

About Taradel
Serial entrepreneur Jim Fitzgerald founded Taradel in 2003 after successfully exiting two previous businesses. The company was named to the Inc. 5000 List of Fastest Growing Businesses consecutively for 11 years, an accomplishment only 22 companies nation-wide have achieved. Jim wanted to provide a powerful but simple turn-key marketing solution for busy business owners like himself. Their industry-leading technology, support team, and partnership with international postal services provide all of the tools and creative firepower today’s marketer needs to easily and cost-effectively execute multichannel marketing campaigns quickly.


Taradel is a web-based marketing company for small businesses to create targeted, integrated, direct marketing campaigns. Partnered with companies such as Staples, Canada Post, and FedEx Office, Taradel provides branded turn-key solutions for their clients, making it simple to design and deploy print and digital marketing campaigns to their target audience. Taradel also works with chains and franchises like Progressive Insurance and Wingstop to create locally branded content to increase audience action in their area.  

CEO and Founder, Jim Fitzgerald turned to AdvisoryCloud to seek advisors that would add value for his company, specifically in the areas of brand recognition, data management, and digital marketing analytics. Although Taradel is currently an independently-funded private company, he thought advisors would also give him insight for how to find the right person to become an investment partner to help with the overall growth of his business.


Finding advisors who are experts in data management and digital marketing analytics was the first priority for Taradel. Using AdvisoryCloud’s platform, Jim was able to intuitively and easily search for these specific qualifications and found many candidates with the exact experience he needed. After speaking with eight candidates and receiving guidance from his designated AdvisoryCloud Account Manager, Jim selected four individuals for Taradel to hire as advisors. Jim worked with AdvisoryCloud to schedule meetings, create agendas, and set deliverables for each of his advisors to achieve within a certain timeframe.

“The advisors I found through AdvisoryCloud have really gone above and beyond my expectations. The concept behind AdvisoryCloud is smart, and I’m pleased with my decision to build an advisory board using their platform. Overall, I’ve been very impressed with my experience- I’ve already recommended AdvisoryCloud to a handful of peers looking for business advice and expert guidance,” said Jim.


Jim plans to hold quarterly meetings and build strong relationships between his advisors, strengthening their bond as a team moving forward. He is conducting monthly meetings with each advisor individually to check in on personal goals and ask questions specific to each advisor’s expertise.

Whether you’re a startup, non-profit, or a global corporation, advisors play a critical role in helping with business challenges, exploring opportunities, and providing advice on projects or key decisions. AdvisoryCloud makes it incredibly easy to find, hire, and use advisors. Let us help you discover the power of advisory work.


Hung Vu

Chief Technology Officer - Ad Exchange Group

Hung is an experienced senior executive, a leading innovator, and decorated Chief Technology/Product Officer with more than 20 years of delivering successful B2B and B2C solutions. His specialties include talent management, workforce development, media management, digital marketing, and advertising.

Rose Rippey

Owner and CEO - Catch Marketing Services

Rose is Cofounder and CEO of Catch Marketing Services. After graduating from Harvard, she began working in data with MicroStrategy and saw the potential for using the same analytical approach with internet marketing.

Darryl Chenoweth

President - Web Optimax

Darryl is an accomplished senior retail executive and digital marketer with demonstrated success in business operations and online marketing. Recognized as a skilled, decisive leader who focuses on open communication and teamwork to produce high-performance results.

Margeaux Sullivan

Managing Director & Lead Consultant - Quest Complete Consulting

Margeaux Sullivan helps companies grow by optimizing their business model to attract, engage, and retain customers. She is a senior executive and board member with more than a decade of marketing and management consulting success across the video game, tech, startup, health and wellness, and venture capital sectors.