Economist Helps Film Studio Gain Notoriety in Indie Film Industry

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Stan Hales

Stan Hales is a seasoned senior executive with over 20 years of financial experience. He is a Ph.D. credentialed economist and is regarded as one of the foremost experts in his field worldwide. Stan serves as CEO at N2Ventures, working with Private Equity and Venture Capital firms, Hedge Funds, and Family offices to increase operating performance and valuation of their portfolio companies. Client experiences include Apollo Global Management, Caterpillar, Chevron, Lionsgate Entertainment, Allstate Insurance, Western Asset Management, PayPal, Cisco, and other Fortune 1000 companies. In addition to his client work, Stan is an adjunct professor at the University of California Berkeley Haas School and a guest lecturer at The Ohio State University.


With broad global experience in financial services, Stan Hales is a recognized economist that is widely regarded as one of the foremost experts in his field worldwide. As CEO of N2Ventures, he works with Private Equity and Venture Capital firms, Hedge Funds, and Family offices to increase operating performance and valuation of their portfolio companies. Stan enjoys helping other companies succeed and has served on several boards in the past. Now, he decided to pursue new board positions through AdvisoryCloud to network and grow his skills as a board member.

“The main reason I joined AdvisoryCloud is my desire to help other companies. Another reason is the opportunity to enhance my own skills by interacting with other board members who have different areas of expertise and qualities I might be able to leverage. Additionally, my previous board experience has been very positive. I wanted to expand upon that and also grow my network. Frankly, I just enjoy it,” said Stan.

When Stan joined AdvisoryCloud, he was looking for opportunities with large, middle-market companies that are revenue-generating in the areas of financial services, real estate, or manufacturing. He was also interested in consulting and professional services, where he could leverage his prior experience as a partner at PricewaterhouseCoopers and Ernst & Young.


AdvisoryCloud team worked with Stan to develop is advisor profile. Once his profile was complete, he was able to start his board search and apply to all kinds of advisor and board opportunities. Stan found the entire process to be smooth and the platform intuitive.

AdvisoryCloud’ onboarding process was straightforward and seamless. I appreciated the chance to speak with someone on the phone, as I built my profile and began searching opportunities. The entire process was thoroughly explained, and it was easy to get up and running on the platform,” said Stan.

AdvisoryCloud’ platform quickly matched Stan to an opportunity with Glenbrook Studios, a motion picture and distribution film studio. Stan was interviewed by the CEO of Glenbrook Studios over the phone. The next step included an in-person meeting two weeks later in Las Vegas, where their production offices are based.

“Glenbrook Studios is a film production company. Former clients of mine include film studios, so this was a good match for my consulting background. I met the CEO for lunch and hit it off, then he offered me the position on his advisory board. The entire interview process was seamless,” said Stan.


Glenbrook Studios’ advisory board is composed of seven people. Stan’s role on the board is to oversee finance and marketing, including film financing for productions, trailers and screenings, and a marketing push to gain notoriety for the company within the Indie film category.

It’s interesting work, while also educational. It’s been great to be able to collaborate with the other board members and pull together our resources. When one of us doesn’t have the answer to something, we reach out to each other and one of us always knows where to go to get the answer if we don’t have it. We are able to bring our networks together, make introductions, and offer advice we couldn’t offer on our own. Ultimately, we are able to offer direction and steerage to the company. It’s fun and I enjoy this type of activity,” said Stan.

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"I recommend AdvisoryCloud to any colleagues looking to expand their network and find board and advisory opportunities…"
- Stan Hales CEO, N2 Ventures