London-Based Startup Launches Restaurant Management Solutions Internationally Using Advisors

Company Info
Client: SmartServe

CEO: Fayez Nadem

Founded: 2015

Location: London & New York City

Industries: Technology, Restaurant & Retail

About SmartServe
SmartServe is is a restaurant management solution that enables restaurants to unlock their revenue potential and enhance their guest’s dining experience. Recognized at the Restaurant Technology Innovations Award in September 2017, SmartServe’s virtual, multi-task ordering app and its revolutionary SmartWatch offers restaurants the best methods of communication, smart technology and convenient solutions for their diners.
Using the SmartServe mobile app, restaurant guests can order when ready, request for extra service, pay for their meals, leave instant reviews and be rewarded for their loyalty.

Fayez Nadem, a London-based entrepreneur and former attorney, founded a company called SmartServe in 2015 with a vision to revolutionize the restaurant and hospitality space with a mobile app and smartwatch. As CEO, he laid the foundation for the product launch and business strategy for the company. While the product was still in development, Fayez recognized that a board of directors could help him work through the planning process for a go-to-market strategy. To do this, he had to look beyond his traditional network to source candidates that would meet this business needs.

Fayez was searching for a talented team of board members with experience in technology, foodservice, business development and sales and marketing. However, starting a business and developing an innovative product left him little time to find a board on his own. He turned to AdvisoryCloud to help him with his search.


Fayez comments, “When I heard that AdvisoryCloud connects businesses with individuals for advisory and board roles, I knew it could potentially supply me with the resources I needed to bring my product to launch. After about one week of posting my opportunity, I received a list of candidates to interview. I admit I was surprised by the quick turnaround and the number of high-caliber candidates.”

Fayez worked with AdvisoryCloud to schedule a series of interview with six qualified candidates. After completing the interviews, Fayez ultimately chose his entire board of directors from AdvisoryCloud' member base. Coincidentally, the London-based Fayez, selected a team of board members that were all based in the U.S. After contracts were signed, Fayez and the current acting chief operations officer of SmartServe, Curtis Barlow, held their first official board meeting in Austin, Texas.


In the first meeting, the board members discussed the company's business strategies, market opportunity and company policies that promote the company’s culture and vision. Fayez was originally not planning to launch his product concurrently in the U.S. and U.K., but upon discussions with his board, he now has the contacts and expertise to launch in both markets. Fayez opened an office in New York City to focus on the Northeast restaurants and Austin, Texas to serve as the center of SmartServe’s U.S. operations, including customer service and marketing. 

“Part of where we’ve landed and the direction our company is going is due to AdvisoryCloud’ role in the process. That’s something I’m very grateful for,” he says. “Thank you, AdvisoryCloud, for connecting us with an amazing team of individuals whom we are proud to have on board!” says Fayez.

As Fayez looks to the future, which includes not only the restaurant/hospitality space, but also retail and the security industry, he sees using AdvisoryCloud as a catalyst for success. “What I absolutely loved about AdvisoryCloud is the level of care and customer service, from the initial call, all the way through the end review. They connected me with a group of top performers, all of whom I’m proud to have on my board of directors.”


Art Suriano

CEO, TSi Company

“You get to a certain stage in your life where you have an extensive amount of experience that you’d like to utilize and contribute, and what better way to do this than to sit on someone else’s board to advise and help them make the right decisions. AdvisoryCloud is a natural fit for individuals who have the skills and experience at this stage of life.”

Tim Carlsen

CEO, Truece; VP of Corporate Development, SMBNation; Co-Founder and Partner, Milestone Group Inc. 

“Startups need the kind of ‘go to’ player that can wear many different hats based on their years of experience. I have found that most of what I do in a consulting capacity only uses a portion of the skills I can contribute to in terms of a company’s overall growth. AdvisoryCloud’ model is for consistent ‘doers,’ and the platform has enabled me to authentically bring my 25 years of experience forward.”

Harry Reifschneider

Former CEO, All Kitchens; Founder, Amphier Solutions

"Looking for a way to contribute his professional skills and cultural awareness, Harry joined AdvisoryCloud upon recommendation from his financial advisor. “After seeing the world, which was a fascinating and fulfilling experience, I asked myself ‘what’s next?’ I have something to give. With the help of AdvisoryCloud, I connected with Global Source Group, and I am thrilled to be part of their global growth as they look to launch in both the U.S. and UK markets.”

Ed Addison

CEO, Cloud Pharmaceuticals

“I’m at the stage in my life, which involves a lot of grandkids and travel, where I want to move away from starting my own companies. AdvisoryCloud has made it possible for me to advise other businesses, while supporting my goal of a flexible lifestyle that allows time for my other interests and activities.”

Lesley Sarkesian

Founder and CEO, Sarkesian Ventures

“I joined AdvisoryCloud for career networking opportunities and professional advancement, as well as to land my first first official board role. I give credit to AdvisoryCloud for delivering on what was promised in the beginning. I am really excited about this board opportunity. As the only woman on the board, I enjoy the mix of age ranges, ethnicities, and most important of all, a diversity in thought leadership.”

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