Virtual Reality Startup Assembles Team of Advisors Through AdvisoryCloud

Company Info
Client: Sindy XR

CEO: Charles Kirby

Founded: 2018

Location: New York, New York

Industries: Computer Software, Virtual Reality

About SindyXR

SindyXR leverages current, available cutting-edge hardware, along with a knowledge base of mindfulness, that uses bleeding edge psychology and age-old Greek Storytelling techniques to seamlessly take team management from Physical Reality (PR) to Virtual Reality (VR) optimizing Augmented Reality (AR). This will systematically blur the lines between these realities and allow users to choose which tool and which technique will build next level collaboration for them.



Seamless Integrated Dynamics (SindyXR) was established with the vision to create a new reality based on collaboration and cooperation that unites people around the world. Providing a suite of collaboration apps that offers a path from physical reality to virtual reality through augmented reality, SindyXR brings a human element to technology, while never letting that balance go underestimated. 

SindyXR specifically focuses on giving businesses the opportunity and space to collaborate in different ways beyond the restrictions of physical space by creating a digital environment that fosters productivity and overall well-being of teams. 

To evolve from startup mode to successful enterprise, SindyXR founder and CEO Charles Kirby set out to find advisors who could bring a diversity of thought and ideas to his company. Charles began by creating a chart categorizing the types of advisors he wanted, specifically those with experience in product development, raising capital, and business strategy. After combing through his personal network, however, Charles realized his connections all shared a similar mindset as his own and lacked the diversity he needed.  

“I was referred to AdvisoryCloud through a colleague and thought it could be a way to make connections with people I normally wouldn’t meet. Plus, the services were very affordable for a startup,” said Charles Kirby, founder and CEO of SindyXR. “My goal was to find people who could tell me what I didn’t know. I have the ideas and market knowledge to drive this company but needed someone who could ask me challenging questions. I particularly wanted someone who could shine light on obstacles I might not anticipate or express different approaches to new opportunities.”   


Charles started his journey with AdvisoryCloud by working one-on-one with his dedicated account manager, who helped create a company profile that reflected what Charles needed most from his advisors. Knowing his product is very intricate and complex, Charles asked his account manager to further filter down to people who truly had a deep understanding of the technology.  

“My profile generated an enormous amount of responses from people interested in my company, and I have to admit I was surprised by the number of people whose careers center around advisory work,” added Charles. 

After sending out an initial round of questions, which addressed a few of the company’s most top-of-mind priorities, Charles isolated the feedback that resonated with him the most and was then able to directly schedule individual meetings with those advisors. 

During these meetings, Charles was able to openly brainstorm new ideas and receive unbiased perspective. He even used this time to present his investor pitch deck to gauge the response and feedback from his advisors as a dry run for future investor meetings. 


Within the first three months of being on AdvisoryCloud, Charles had already met with multiple advisors individually, and in some cases, already completed a second meeting. Three advisors stood out to Charles, as their expertise was exactly what he was searching for. 

The first advisor was a business strategist, focused specifically on gaining new clients, and offers valuable connections for Charles. Coincidentally, this advisor had worked his whole career for the same company Charles has been targeting for years to acquire as a client. 

Another advisor working with Charles is well versed in scaling and fundraising, having led three successful exits for prior companies. The third advisor is a product specialist with a strong background in virtual reality products. 

“Each of these professionals provide a valuable resource within different areas of my business, and that is what makes this process so appealing,” said Charles. 

For Charles, the benefits of working with advisors have the potential to extend well beyond the nuggets of advice he receives. These advisors have the opportunity to grow with the company and earn more permanent roles at SindyXR, either in the form of a formal board position or equity stakeholder. 

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