Millennium Trust Turns to The ExecRanks
for High Caliber Executive Talent

Company Info
Client: Millennium Trust

SVP and Head of HR: John Samaan

Founded: 2000

Location: Chicago, IL

Industries: Financial Services

About Millennium Trust
Millennium Trust Company is committed to the evolving needs of advisors, financial institutions, businesses and individual investors. Millennium Trust focuses on unique custody solutions and empowers clients with trusted expertise, exceptional service and access to a wide range of custody solutions. Founded in 2000, Millennium Trust is a privately-owned and independent company.

Achieving a high level of client satisfaction at Millennium Trust Company involves going ‘above and beyond’ the expectations of their clients by paying close attention to their ever-changing needs. Based out of Chicago, the firm of approximately 300 employees prides itself on being an expert provider of retirement and custody solutions including investments in alternative assets, retirement funds, and other uniquely qualified financial services.  

When Millennium Trust needed to hire two key executive positions in client services and regional sales, the company’s senior vice president and head of human resources, John Samaan turned to The ExecRanks. With these roles tied directly to the company’s central values and revenue generation, Samaan was looking for leading VP candidates that would deliver on the company’s core mission to ensure a stellar client experience. He also wanted high performing candidates that could hit the ground running upon being hired, as well as candidates that were a good cultural fit with their wide-ranging workforce.


Before working with AdvisoryCloud, Samaan initially cast his net wide and began vetting candidates from large recruiting firms, but with no success. Recommended by a contact in his HR network, Samaan liked the idea of working with AdvisoryCloud, a modern alternative to traditional search firms with an online network with thousands of dynamic, high-performing executive candidates.

“AdvisoryCloud focused on understanding our talent strategy, top selection criteria, and company culture. They paid careful attention to the growth trajectory of our company and provided a holistic approach when presenting candidates to us. The entire team was professional, responsive, and reliable,” said Samaan.

AdvisoryCloud exclusive professional networking platform proactively and intuitively connects thousands of top executive talent with companies. Focusing on finding advisors and board members for companies, AdvisoryCloud applied its unique expertise to find VP candidates for executive positions within Millennium Trust.

"At Millenium Trust, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional client experience to our clients to meet their specific needs, and it is with this same level of detail and customer service that AdvisoryCloud approached the task of helping us source the right fit for our high-stakes leadership positions with a focus on service excellence,” said Samaan.

AdvisoryCloud is the ideal scenario for Millennium Trust. The caliber of talent presented to Millennium Trust by AdvisoryCloud from its own pool of members was of a much higher quality than compared to the other research firms that were previously enlisted by the company. Samaan secured both high-level executives hires for his firm using AdvisoryCloud.

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