Women Leaders Empowered to Pursue Board Positions

Because AdvisoryCloud platform brings together so many different types of companies and so many opportunities, it's a great way to start a board search.
Maggie Harmon
The Brand, Art, and Technology Studio

Maggie Harmon has over 20 years of experience in management consulting, and leadership coaching, and law practice. She is a certified Six Sigma Black Belt and has extensive training in social science-based organizational development. Her professional expertise is in operations strategy and optimization, brand strategy development and activation, and company growth strategy. In the last ten years, Maggie has worked with companies to raised over 1 billion dollars in investment funding, and have seen nearly 15 billion in revenue from IPOs and acquisition activity. She also works with clients individually for intuitive leadership coaching and team performance consulting.


Maggie Harmon reached a point in her career where she felt like it was an appropriate time to start looking for board positions. As COO of The Brand, Art, & Technology Studio, she is an accomplished attorney and senior businesswoman with over 20 years of experience in business and management consulting.

As a business leader, Maggie is passionate about empowering women and helping women become more influential and prominent in the workplace. She is also passionate about companies with a mission that she can stand behind. Maggie saw AdvisoryCloud as a way to empower herself to find these types of board positions, and in turn, to empower other women to get on boards and be more influential positions in corporations.


Once Maggie's profile was completed and she started using AdvisoryCloud platform, she was able to search for board positions that were a good fit for her background and expertise. Using the platform’s search features, Maggie was able to easily find positions that matched her interests.

“AdvisoryCloud platform is easy to use and intuitive. You can scroll through hundreds of opportunities and read quick descriptions. From there you get a good sense of whether or not there is a going to be a good match or not. I have found there are always new opportunities to explore on the platform,” said Maggie.

When Maggie joined AdvisoryCloud she had a preconceived idea of the types of board positions she wanted to pursue. Maggie was encouraged by AdvisoryCloud team to consider how her career and what she has to offer could be applied to a broader range of opportunities. While searching through board positions on AdvisoryCloud platform, Maggie realized that her expertise can be applied to more opportunities than she expected. She found a number of companies offering a wide array of opportunities, which enabled her to broaden her search and discover positions she may not have previously considered.


Through AdvisoryCloud, Maggie was selected for a board position with The Sustainable Collective, an integrative marketing firm providing sustainable farms and artisans with fresh, modern, and creative branding, marketing, education, and sales. Maggie brings awareness of the importance of the company’s mission to help small farms survive in a tough economy. Maggie is working with a company she is passionate about while simultaneously expanding her professional portfolio, empowering her to take charge of the future of her career.

“I am truly excited about the board position I was offered through AdvisoryCloud - the company’s mission is deeply important and meaningful to me. By joining AdvisoryCloud, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the opportunities that I would have said “no” to before I joined. This feels like the right direction for where I’m supposed to go and feels like I’m being led to certain opportunities for personal growth in addition to professional growth,” said Maggie.

Watch the video below to learn first-hand about Maggie Harmons’s experience using AdvisoryCloud.

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"AdvisoryCloud connected me with my first board seat and I had a great experience with the company."
- Maggie Harmon COO, The Brand, Art & Technology Studio