First-Time CEO Gains MBA-Level Education from AdvisoryCloud Advisors 

Company Info
Client: InTune Technologies

CEO: Barry Karsh

Founded: 2017

Location: Orange County, CA

Industries: Retail Technology

About InTune Technologies

InTune Technologies, Inc. has developed a SaaS platform to help restaurants and hotels maximize guest experience, employee productivity, and profitability. Through an innovative SaaS platform, we are taking guest experience mobile by giving them everything they need, to get the most out of their stay, right on their personal device. Guests get fast accurate service while operations are streamlined and measurable. It’s a win-win for all.


The vision for InTune Technologies was created with the goal of helping restaurants and hotels maximize guest experience, employee productivity, and profitability. Through an innovative SaaS platform, InTune Technologies takes guest experience mobile by giving them everything they need, to get the most out of their stay, right on their personal device. 

According to founder and CEO, Barry Karsh, it’s a win-win: customers get fast, accurate service while operations are streamlined and measurable to generate more revenue. 

While Barry is a Creative Director and UX lead, he recognized that he needed general business acumen to truly get his business off the ground. Without personal experience in the areas necessary for building a company, particularly sales, marketing, and negotiation, Barry began looking for outside help. Though he was involved with several investors, none were able to provide the strategic and tactical support he desired. Then, through word-of-mouth, Barry was referred to AdvisoryCloud. 

“I’ve been lucky to have a few people around me as I started InTune Technologies, and it made me realize the importance of having people I could talk to,” said Barry Karsh. “AdvisoryCloud’s value proposition was in line with my needs, and I was absolutely willing to pay an expert who could give precise answers to my questions. I was already doing that with individual consultants, so this just made sense.” 


After creating a company profile, Barry worked with the AdvisoryCloud team to develop a list of questions pertaining to InTune Technologies most pressing business initiatives. The response from AdvisoryCloud’s network of advisors was overwhelming, and Barry set out to filter the advisors whose responses resonated with him the most.  

“Naturally, the advisors who reached out to me personally captured my attention the most, as their initiative showed they really cared about my company and wanted to be involved on a deeper level,” explained Barry. 

Having brought on multiple advisors, two of which are already earning equity, Barry equates this experience as if he has downloaded 60 years of business experience. 

“The advisors I found through AdvisoryCloud have been amazing. They are ultra-experienced and checked all the boxes; they’re even the reason we landed our first customer,” added Barry.  

Barry was floored by the simple difference in his calendar before and after signing up with AdvisoryCloud. The amount of contacts and traction he gained from advisors went through the roof, and he was amazed to now have leads coming to him rather than cold-calling advisors through LinkedIn and email, like he previously had done.   

Though it took a great deal of time, Barry made it his mission to schedule an hour call with his prospective advisors, and the end result was well worth the undertaking. 

“The advisors from AdvisoryCloud turned the tide for how I could grow my company in a truly demonstrative way. Not only are they adding value, I am gaining an education in business from them,” said Barry.


Barry and his advisors began meeting in March 2020 and together have actively guided the business toward significant growth.  

One of Barry’s advisors, a highly credentialed director of sales for resort brands and boutique hotels around the country, facilitated introductions to a potential investor group for InTune Technologies. She has also gone above and beyond to introduce Barry to her network and coach him through their first proof-of-concept customer. Then, when COVID-19 shutdowns presented a roadblock for Barry’s restaurant market, this advisor even helped redirect Barry’s target audience from restaurants to hotels in order to maintain InTune Technologies’ current momentum. 

“In addition to this advisor simply being an incredible professional to have time with, she provided over-the-top results. Her expertise in the hotel industry proved to be especially valuable, which gave us a critical avenue for navigating the shutdowns,” added Barry. 

Another advisor, a revenue growth expert, has been a valuable resource for Barry to not only seek revenue advice, but also to develop and execute strategic processes with. This advisor also hosts a series of educational webinars, which Barry has now been able to attend and learn from.   

“AdvisoryCloud delivered an immense amount of value, both for growing my business as well as my leadership skills,” said Barry. 

After learning the ins and outs of InTune Technologies, Barry’s advisors all expressed interest in becoming investors and potentially c-level executives at the company. Barry has already included several of his advisors as part of his team during investor pitches and is excited about the prospect of more permanent roles for his advisors.

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