How International Proof Systems Found a
New Advisor in Less Than 30 Days

Company Info
Client: International Proof Systems

CEO:  Rachel Hankerson

Founded: 2010

Location:  St. Louis, Missouri

Industries:  Auto; technology

About International Proof Systems
Founded in 2010 as a start-up and registered with the state of Missouri in 2013. International PROOF Systems (IPS) has a mission to improve current processes through advanced technology, of which they are currently improving the process of validating auto insurance, vehicle registration, and improving the time that it takes to locate a vehicle in the instance of an emergency, through the world's first computerized license plate, known as PROOF Smart Tags.


Founded in Missouri in 2010, International Proof Systems (IPS) is on a mission to improve current processes through advanced technology for systems such as validating auto insurance and vehicle registration. IPS also aims to improve the time it takes to locate a vehicle during emergencies through the world’s first computerized license plate, known as PROOF Smart Tags.

Wanting to grow her company’s success, CEO Rachel Hankerson turned to AdvisoryCloud to source advisors and find board members who could contribute to Rachel’s goals.  

“Finding the right people to serve on my board of advisors is very important for the success and growth of my business. As a business owner, my time is limited with maintaining the daily operations of the company; therefore, I do not have the time that is needed to vet qualified Advisors. Connecting with ExecRank has provided great value by reaching out to potential Advisors, vetting them, and scheduling interviews with the interested advisors,” said Rachel.


After receiving 60 executive applications, Rachel worked with AdvisoryCloud to interview and evaluate 17 of the most qualified candidates. AdvisoryCloud helped Rachel understand the criteria that was most important and the qualities that would best help her reach the goals she has for IPS.

“The interview process was very timely, efficient, and thorough. I believe that every small business should consider working with ExecRank for assistance in locating the right Board of Advisors and Board of Directors," said Rachel.


One of the many executives that stood out to Rachel and the team at IPS was Philip Scorgie, Global CIO at Mayer Brown Rowe & Maw in Chicago. Philip’s background as a proven leader in the IT solutions space made him an ideal fit for the needs of IPS.

Shortly after being interviewed by Rachel, Philip received an offer to join the team’s board and a competitive equity-based compensation package. Philip is looking forward to working with the team at IPS to assist in their continued growth and success.

“AdvisoryCloud made the interview process so easy. I was interviewed by a great company and they extended an offer to me shortly after the conversation.”

- Philip Scorgie, Global CIO, Mayer Brown


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