Using AdvisoryCloud to Take Workplace Management Mainstream

Company Info
Client: Hubster

CEO: Bill Adams

Founded: 2015

Location: Sarasota, Florida

Industries:  Technology, Business Management

About Hubster
Hubster is a wholly-owned division of Consult Whitespace LLC. Operating since 1998, Whitespace has provided practical hands-on management consulting and coaching to several leading F 100, mid-market and SMBs concentrating in the technology and healthcare sectors. Specializing in Business Model Renewal & Expansion, the firm successfully invented and applied a patent-pending system that proved invaluable for helping leaders to address performance-based challenges with more speed, accuracy and accountability.


Bill Adams founded Hubster in 2015 with the goal of creating a platform to easily integrate all aspects of managing strategic and tactical workflow. He has over 35 years of experience building and selling business consulting firms, specifically consulting companies on growth strategy, business model renewal, and market change. Throughout the course of his career, he has worked with companies like Johnson & Johnson, Perot Systems, and currently Children’s Hospital of Orange County.  

Today, Hubster is changing the game for workplace management through its “WorkSmart” system which helps executives and their teams focus on the things that matter and filter out the things that don’t matter. Described by Gartner, a global research and advisory firm, as a unified work platform, Hubster helps companies better manage the performance of their teams and effortlessly gets teams to think, work, and act as one.

Hitting a crossroads in development, Bill realized he needed to start building out Hubster’s team with people who can contribute to the company’s growth and success.

“When joining AdvisoryCloud, I wanted to be sure I was surrounding myself with the right team to bring my company success. The candidate I was looking for needed to have to right business experience and have the drive to bring this software to the mainstream market,” said Bill.


Ready to take Hubster to the next level, Bill’s search process was two-fold. On one hand, he needed someone who could jumpstart his advisory board, ready to aid in business growth, marketing strategy, and digital development. On the other, he needed an expert who could assist Bill in his current process of converting Hubster from an LLC to a C Corp, which can be a large undertaking and an important business change.

With the help of AdvisoryCloud team, Bill received over 20 applications for his board position in less than two weeks. The executives applying for his position came from robust backgrounds in digitization, business consulting, and global expansion. After reviewing the applications and connecting with a handful of individuals for interviews, Bill selected the perfect executive to start his advisory board.

“After reviewing the applicants, I was very impressed with the high-caliber of talent provided by AdvisoryCloud. Each applicant had an impressive background that was matched perfectly to the criteria I needed to reach my business goals. Choosing just one advisor was difficult as they were so many great candidates!” said Bill.


Within a month, Bill selected Vik Kasturi as his first advisor. Vik’s previous experience as a business consultant working with companies like Google, Microsoft, and Deloitte made his professional background an ideal match for what Bill sought out in an advisor.

Together, they’ve secured a partnership with Vik’s company Digitivy through the Startup CEO program and are currently operating a Hubster ‘Future of Work Innovation Center” in Bangladesh, India. The purpose of the center is to innovate workplace transformation features in Hubster that will completely transcend anything on the market today for team performance. To further enhance Hubster’s software development, Bill and Vik hired two web development engineers and plan on hiring a Java expert to complete their vision of making Hubster a full-service business management solutions software.

Vik has brought tremendous value to my company by helping me build my business, develop company strategy, and continuously raise the bar in this industry. He has been a great resource in expanding my network and seeking out new partnership opportunities for Hubster. As Hubster continues to grow, I plan on using AdvisoryCloud to find stellar executives like Vik to expand my advisory board,” said Bill.

Whether you’re a startup, non-profit, or a global corporation, executive advisors play a critical role in helping with business challenges, exploring opportunities, and providing advice on projects or key decisions. AdvisoryCloud makes it incredibly easy to find, hire, and use advisors. Let us help you discover the power of advisory work.


Vik Kasturi

Founder, President & CEO - Digitivy

Vik Kasturi is a consulting partner with proven credentials indigital technology-enabled business innovation & transformation for global Fortune 500 retail, travel, and hospitality clients. He specializes in advising senior executives to help them build their digital strategy, identify opportunities for disruptive innovation, orchestrate business and technology transformation, and negotiate favorable vendor sourcing agreements.

What our Members Say
"AdvisoryCloud made it incredibly easy to find, hire, and use advisors for my company."
- Andy Mercy CEO, DABBA