Fitness Marketplace Gains Momentum with Fortune 500 Advisory Board

Company Info
Client: Fry Egg
CEO: Tristan Chaundry
Founded: 2017
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Industries: Fitness, Technology, Cryptocurrency and Blockchain
About Fry Egg

Fry Egg is a one-of-a-kind application that promotes healthy lifestyles throughout the world while also building a positive community and culture connecting family, friends, and colleagues.

Fry Egg incorporates blockchain and cryptocurrency technology into the business model using what are called EGG Tokens. These utility tokens are given to users on the platform as a reward mechanism to encourage positive results for clients and coaches, and its a huge success. EGG tokens can be used to purchase and promote programs, tip coaches for a job well done, tip users for accomplishments and to participate in giveaways and community events.


Fry Egg is an online marketplace for personal trainers, dietitians, and nutritionists to create, design, and sell custom diet and workout plans to people all over the world. Founded by Tristan Chaudhry, a young entrepreneur who has a passion for blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, Fry Egg is aiming to revolutionize the fitness industry.  

Fry Egg is experiencing rapid growth as the user-base has been growing 10-fold per week since the first few weeks of inception. Tristan and his executive team, comprised mainly of young adults under 25 years old, are running the company from the ground up and working toward scaling the business. Tristan turned to AdvisoryCloud to find the expertise and guidance to help manage its growth and long-term success.

“Having access to a pool of high-level executives to help advise my new venture would be incredibly helpful as we are defining and growing this business,” said Fry Egg’s CEO Tristan Chaudry. “I want to make smart decisions for my business, and having the executive brain power to take it to a whole new level is a huge win for us.”


Within two days of joining AdvisoryCloud, Fry Egg created a company profile, posted an advisory position opening, and was even starting to sort through candidates. After interviewing over 40 candidates in just under two weeks, Fry Egg selected and offered long-term advisory roles to 12 members of AdvisoryCloud. Six of the advisors are dedicated to Fry Egg’s business growth and development, while the other six are specifically focused on cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

“AdvisoryCloud introduced us to highly-qualified advisors from major brands in sports apparel, wearable tech, health insurance, government, blockchain, and cryptocurrency industries. Every field we need is represented in this group of advisors including sales, business development, operations, technology, and marketing,” said Tristan.


Fry Egg’s advisory board is comprised of executives from Fortune 500 companies including adidas, CVS Pharmacy, Oracle, Puma, Merrill Lynch, and 20th Century Fox. Receiving strategic advice from these executives in all areas of the business, ranging from recruiting and marketing to financial modeling, is hugely helpful to Fry Egg’s young executive team.  

“Our advisors have been exceptional in presenting us with opportunities to grow and gain momentum in the marketplace,” says Tristan. “They’ve provided us with business advice, new contacts and connections, and partnerships with major brands like Garmin and Under Armour.”

Fry Egg is poised to disrupt the traditional gym membership experience with its modern approach to fitness training that aims to get more people eating right, working out, and most of all, reaching their fitness goals. Important next steps for Fry Egg are to work with their advisory board and focus on the business opportunities that will help educate and build awareness in the fitness and training communities.

“I couldn’t be happier with the advisory board that I built using AdvisoryCloud. There isn't a day that goes by that one of our advisors doesn’t reach out and ask how they can help,” says Tristan.

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Keith Spears

CEO of Heritage Impact Partners, LLC

Keith has expertise in impact investing, private equity, and mergers and acquisitions. He is a growth-oriented senior executive with more than 30 years of success in healthcare, technology, financial services, real estate, and cryptocurrency.

George Polzer

AI Course Manager at MIT Sloan Executive Education

George has over 25 years of entrepreneurial management experience in operating and growing companies, developing and implementing business automation solutions, and defining business best practices.

Stacy Burr

Vice President of Wearable Technology at Adidas

Stacey Burr is a results-driven and highly-accomplished senior executive and entrepreneur with more than 30 years of success in the sporting goods, fitness, textiles, apparel, sensors, health and wellness, and wearable tech industries.

Stephen Hobson

Senior Vice President of Pharmacy & Clinical Programs at CVS Caremark Corporation

Stephen is an accomplished senior executive and experienced advisory board member, with demonstrated success across the healthcare, pharmacy, and technology industries. His areas of expertise include operations management, team building, and strategic implementation.

Frank Orlowski

Former Senior Director/Team Leader Finance- Emerging Markets and Transition Sites at Pfizer

Frank Orlowski is a recently retired Pfizer Executive with 25 years of global operational experience. Frank lead supply chain finance functions across Asia, South America, and Eastern Europe developing business, operational, and financial product localization strategies.

Abdul Naushad

CEO of PayCommerce Inc.

Abdul is a former senior manager at Oracle with strong leadership and executive management skills, as well as exceptional experience in building and promoting innovative technology-driven businesses.

Russell Berman

Executive Vice President & Managing Director at Alliant Insurance Services Inc.

Russell Berman is an accomplished senior executive and board member with more than 32 years of success in the insurance, manufacturing, aviation, food production, financial services, and high-tech industries.

Leasha West

Founder & CEO West Financial Group, Member of Forbes Financial Council

Leasha has over 20 years of experience in financial services, banking, and insurance. Her expertise is in growth marketing, fundraising, and partnership development. She is currently the only serving female on the Forbes Financial Council.

Peggy Smedley

President & Editorial Director at Specialty Publishing Media

Peggy Smedley is a renowned senior executive, speaker, and consultant with over 35 years of success spanning energy, IoT, technology, healthcare, mobility, and construction. She also launched The Peggy Smedley Institute, a top-ranked professional education organization.

Hollie Choi

Executive Director of IT at 20th Century Fox

Hollie is a pragmatic and innovative IT leader. Throughout her executive career, Hollie has held leadership positions with 20 Century Fox, Countrywide Home Loans, and Marshall & Swift/Boeckh.