Engagedly Aligns With Key Advisors
to Reach New Heights

Company Info
Client: Engagedly

CEO: Sri Chellappa

Founded: 2015

Location: St. Louis, Missouri

Industries: Software (SaaS), Human Resources

About Engagedly
Engagedly is a performance review software that incorporates elements of employee engagement. Engagedly is simple yet flexible and powerful enough to work with fast-growing companies of all sizes. With its platform, organizations can align and motivate their workforce.


Engagedly, a performance review software, created a way for organizations to align and motivate their workforce through employee engagement. Their mission is to improve the workplace and make it a fun, positive place to be.

Engagedly found early success and has been featured in publications such as Forbes, Bloomberg and Entrepreneur Magazine. However, that wasn’t enough for Engagedly CEO Sri Chellappa, who recognized that by adding a few key advisors he could help his business reach new heights.


Once he registered for AdvisoryCloud, Sri Chellappa immediately began seeing candidates expressing interest in working with his company. Using AdvisoryCloud’ platform, he was able to review his candidates quickly and easily and begin the interview process with a number of potential advisors.

After interviewing candidates, Chellappa decided to extend offers to two of these executives to join the Engagedly Advisory Board.

“AdvisoryCloud has been amazing to work with and a valuable resource in identifying leading experts for finding board candidates. Without a platform like this, it would have been 10X more difficult to get the right minds to advise our executive team," said Sri Chellappa.


Dan Bloch, one of the executives hired by Engagedly through AdvisoryCloud, said, "AdvisoryCloud has provided an incredible experience and opportunity to connect with companies seeking board advisors and members. Without The ExecRanks I would have missed out on the opportunity to work with some excellent individuals and companies.”

Whether you’re a startup, non-profit or a global corporation, advisors play a critical role in helping with business challenges, exploring opportunities, and providing advice on projects or key decisions. AdvisoryCloud makes it incredibly easy to find, hire, and use advisors.

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