Former JP Morgan Executive Creates a
"Second Career" Through Advisory Work

My goal in joining AdvisoryCloud is to help others become very successful.
Charlie Peruski
Former Managing Director
Head of Business Transformation
J.P. Morgan Chase

Charles Peruski is an accomplished Senior Executive with more than 33 years of success across the financial services and investment industries. Leveraging extensive experience driving progress across mission, performance, and culture through fact-based analysis, he is a valuable asset for companies seeking expert advisory in preparing for significant change management initiatives, early-stage financial management, investment strategy, or M&A transactions. His broad areas of expertise include strategic planning, budgeting, team building, expense management, operations, project management, corporate finance, forecasting, and compliance.


After over 33 years at JP Morgan Chase & Co., Charlie Peruski decided to venture into a new stage of his career by seeking board memberships and advisory work. Charlie is interested in sharing his vast experience across many business functions from corporate finance, forecasting, and expense management to strategic planning, process re-engineering, and team building. With plans to help advise other executives and entrepreneurs, Charlie joined AdvisoryCloud to seek opportunities that would be interesting, challenging, and exciting.

"With AdvisoryCloud, I hope to create a ‘second career’ for myself with board and advisory work. I want to be able to utilize all of the experiences I’ve had over the past 33 years and find a company with a vision I can be enthusiastic about. My goal in joining AdvisoryCloud is to help others become very successful,” said Charlie.


Once on AdvisoryCloud platform, Charlie began filtering through the site on a weekly basis for new companies seeking advice. He is very diligent and proactive in his use of the platform, constantly updating his profile with new skills he’s developing, and new interests he’s discovered. Though his career expertise is in finance, Charlie often applies to opportunities that are across a broad range of industries and topics. He is open-minded to positions that are outside his finance background which opens the door to diverse opportunities.

"When searching through the platform, I look for companies that get me excited! I will consider almost any opportunity on the platform. The great part about AdvisoryCloud is you don’t have to invest too much time to throw your hat in the ring. The process of searching and applying for positions is simple and easy using their platform,” said Charlie.

Charlie’s highest priority in finding advisory roles is to find companies that inspire him, and drive his personal passion to give back. When a company peaks his interest, he investigates their business model and long-term strategy to determine where his professional skill set could be a value-add to their business.

"Advisory work shouldn’t be seen as a job, but as a mentorship. I’ve had plenty of people help me throughout my career, and now it is my turn to do the same. I want to feel good and passionate about my role in helping another person achieve their dream. That’s my reward,” said Charlie.


Through AdvisoryCloud, Charlie successfully found an advisory role with The Life ReEntry Institute, a grief therapy practice. The Life ReEntry Institute is an early stage company with a dynamic CEO, Christina Rasmussen, who has the vision to build a supportive social structure for those dealing with grief. Charlie is one of five advisors that Christina selected from AdvisoryCloud platform. Charlie primarily gives guidance and advice pertaining to product strategy, growth, and investment opportunities. Collectively, the advisory board members are committed and passionate about helping Christina grow the business from a startup to a promising, sustainable business.

“Working with Christina and the other board members at The Life ReEntry Institute has been a fun and exciting experience. We all want to help Christina in any way we can, and she has been very open and receptive to our advice. I’m happy to make myself readily available when she needs me. Working towards a common goal, we’ve all become friends and mentors of hers. I really love helping this business develop from a promising dream to a sustainable reality,” said Charlie.

To learn more about how Life ReEntry selected its advisory board using AdvisoryCloud, read the case study here.