BuiltSpace Leverages Expert Advisors
to Expand Business into U.S. Market

Company Info
Client: BuiltSpace

CEO: Rick Rolston

Founded: 2011

Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada

Industries: Technology & Construction

About BuiltSpace
BuiltSpace is a service man- agement platform that captures data from people performing work in facilities by digitizing processes, such as preventative maintenance, inspections, work orders, or safety procedures and capturing and organizing that into permanent digital service records that are accessible from mobile phones or computers.
BuiltSpace improves energy efficiency, reduces administrative and service operations costs and offers real-time responsive processes to building owners, managers, tenants and service personnel.

BuiltSpace is transforming how facilities are managed by creating a secure, but shared, building management platform for operations and maintenance. Founded by Rick Rolston, who has over 30 years of experience as an entrepreneur in delivering technology solutions for the construction industry, BuiltSpace is the Internet of Things for eco-friendly and cost effective facility management.  

BuiltSpace has reached a pivotal point for growth and expansion. While the company has seen early success in the Canadian market, the executive team has their sights on the U.S. market and would like to explore other industries. Rick selected AdvisoryCloud to find advisors that could provide the knowledge, expertise, and guidance to reach these specific goals.

“With bringing on an advisory board, I want to focus on penetrating the market with a new, transformational idea. I want to explore how BuiltSpace can be implemented within different industries, and how we can grow and incorporate as many markets as possible,” said Rick Rolston.


Rick wanted to build an advisory board that had diversity among executives with experience in real estate, facility management, construction, and other fields relevant to BuiltSpace’s purpose. Rick received over 150 applicants within only a few weeks of posting his advisor opportunity on AdvisoryCloud’ platform. He then spent two weeks filtering through applications and selected 18 of the best candidates for interviews. Rick found AdvisoryCloud platform to be a valuable resource for guiding him to highly qualified executive advisors and managing the selection process.

“When initially speaking with the candidates, I wanted to know what drove their interest in applying for this role. I also wanted to hear about their relevant experiences, and how much time they would be willing to commit to this project. I was thrilled with the high quality talent brought to me through AdvisoryCloud. They exceeded my expectations,” said Rick.


In just three months time, Rick successfully built BuiltSpace’s first advisory board comprised of individuals from many different professional backgrounds including government, retail, service, security, finance, marketing, and technology. His board members are distinguished executives from industry-leading companies including Delta Airlines, McKinstry Co., and Simon Property Group. Rick holds monthly meetings with his entire team and is planning a summer retreat for everyone to gather and connect face-to-face.

“To have this level of expertise advising us is incredible, and it would have been impossible to find them without AdvisoryCloud. I’m really looking forward to watching this advisory board and my executive team collaborate and drive BuiltSpace to further succeed and grow.”


Jim Davis

VP of International Airport Operations at Delta Airlines

Jim Davis is a successful senior executive with more than 35 years in the aviation, transportation, and supply chain industries. His broad areas of expertise include operations, logistics, civil aviation, operations management, safety, customer experience, process improvement, logistics, and project planning.

Peter Baxter

Executive Vice President of Luxury Leasing at Simon Property Group, New York City

Peter Baxter has over 20 years of experience in retail and real estate in Europe, North America and Asia. His current company, Luxury Leasing at Simon Property Group, New York City, is the largest retail real estate company in the world. He specializes in team development, management, and maintaining excellent commercial relationships.

Edward Horton

Chief Administrative Officer & Chief Facilities Officer at National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, US Department of Commerce

Edward Horton has more than 38 years of success spanning government, consulting, and construction. His areas of expertise include governance, human capital, planning, business operations, and management.

Mary McDougall

Former CEO & President of Survox, Inc.

Mary is a highly accomplished Senior Executive with more than 30 years of success in manufacturing, construction, and market research. Her key areas of expertise  include strategic and financial planning, acquisition integration, software as a service, product strategy & management, marketing, product positioning and branding.

Joseph Hagar

Partner & CFO at McKinstry Co.

Over the last 16 years at McKinstry, Joseph’s various roles have included responsibility for financial planning and analysis, mergers and acquisitions, building reports and infrastructure, risk management, analytics management, contracts and legal matters, project finances, insurance, banking, and bonding.

Don Goldstein

SVP & CISO of Digital & Technology at CBRE

Don is highly experienced in commercial real estate, insurance, and financial services industries. His key areas of expertise include technology, information security and compliance, risk management, innovation, digital management solutions, and global services.

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