AdvisoryCloud Advisor Prepares Consulting Firm for Long-term Growth

Company Info
Client: Brown Innovation Consulting

CEO: Victoria Brown

Founded: 2018

Location: McKinney, TX

Industries:  Business Consultation

About Brown Innovation Consulting
Brown Innovation Consulting offers business model analysis, strategy development and leadership management training services with a strong focus on improving profitability and weathering market disruption. Past corporate clients include Cargill, Genentech, and Harley Davidson. Industry expertise includes pharmaceuticals, chemical, oil & gas and wholesaling. Brown Innovation Consulting works with clients to help maximize profits, ensures growth and stay ahead of their competition.


Brown Innovation Consulting is a full-service innovation consulting practice specializing in business innovation for key areas including supply chain management, HR, marketing, and product strategy to name a few. The company utilizes subject-matter experts and industry experts to help their clients create, redefine, and refine their business goals to achieve success..  

Looking for a way to speed up client growth, founder and CEO Victoria Brown knew she needed to view her company from a new perspective. She quickly realized an outside advisor would not only give her this new perspective but could also help her create an actionable plan to drive traction to her business. Specifically, Victoria wanted someone who could apply tools and techniques from larger companies to a smaller company like hers.

During her search for advisors, Victoria came across AdvisoryCloud and thought this would be the best way for her to find an advisor who could guide her company in the right direction while holding her accountable in achieving her personal business goals.


Taking a proactive approach, Victoria began browsing AdvisoryCloud’s advisor directory to find executives with the business organization and growth strategy experience. Using the search features on AdvisoryCloud’s platform, Victoria used keywords like ‘business coach’ and ‘consultant’ to find relevant matches. After narrowing her personal search to four candidates, Victoria consulted with her AdvisoryCloud account manager to decide which advisor would be best suited to meet her requirements.

Victoria ultimately selected Richard Barbercheck, a certified business coach specializing in strategy planning, time management, accountability, and goal setting. Richard’s expertise was perfectly suited to Victoria’s needs.

“Initially, I was very impressed by Richard’s Advisor Profile. After seeing all of his relevant experience in business coaching and strategy planning, I knew I wanted to connect with him. The first time I spoke with Richard, he was very inquisitive and engaging- I could tell he had an interest in helping me succeed. I instantly knew he was the advisor I was looking for,” said Victoria.


Currently, Victoria and Richard hold meetings every other week and often speak in-between meetings to touch base on the progress being made to reach Victoria’s goals, as well as what potential obstacles she could face moving forward. Richard is currently helping her to build a long-term strategy for Brown Innovation Consulting and encouraging her to prepare and plan ahead for the future.

“I see Richard as not just an advisor, but someone I really trust and consider a friend. He’s extremely helpful and patient with me and is constantly encouraging me. It’s been great to have his outside perspective to help guide my business forward. I never expected to find such a perfect fit through AdvisoryCloud, I would definitely recommend their service to any company seeking advisors,” said Victoria.

Whether you’re a startup, non-profit, or a global corporation, advisors play a critical role in helping with business challenges, exploring opportunities, and providing advice on projects or key decisions. AdvisoryCloud makes it incredibly easy to find, hire, and use advisors. Let us help you discover the power of advisors.